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Monday, December 31, 2018

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2018 has flown by and it's crazy to think that we're already headed into 2019! It's always fun to look back over the year ad see all that you've accomplished, how much you'v changed and what lessons you learned. I thought I'd go over my 2018 by recapping different things that stood out to me.


* I hit my one year blogging anniversary! I'm so thankful that I have this little corner of the internet to share my love of beauty and fashion. It's such a fun creative outlet for me and I appreciate all of you who take time out of your day to read my blog post! You can read all about that here!

* I got to share all about one of my sweet friends Madisons new bridal shop! I got to try on some of the most gorgeous dresses and had a dear friend find her wedding dress at Madisons shop from my blog post! You can check out that post here!

* I started a new job! This was one of the biggest things that kicked off my 2018 for me. It's a whole different field than I'm use to but it was nice to get out of retail! (I did not miss you Black Friday!) lol


* I got to partner up with one of my friends Chelsea and share some of the cutest clothing from her online boutique! That was one of the funnest things I've done and super exciting news, she's engaged to be married! Congrats girl! 

* I got to walk in a bridal fashion show for Madisons bridal boutique! Loved getting to wear all of those gorgeous dresses and so proud of all the hard work she put in to make it amazing!

* Had fun doing a Galentine's Day shoot with my bestie Molly. (that post here)

* Kept up with the tradition my sister and I started of taking our mom to see the Alvin Ailey show every year it's in town! If you've never gone, please go! (post here)

* My sweet pup Theo turned 1 years old!! (He's gonna be 2 soon!) (that post here)


* Got to visit South Carolina to celebrate my best friend Molly's birthday! (I know she's reading this, and yes your birthday is currently being planned along with Erins! lol)

* I did something I thought I'd never do.... go wine tasting. Y'all, wine is just not my thing but I did and loved the experience and it made for a cute Instagram! lol You can check out the winery that we went to here!

* I slowly started making my way back in the gym....I did say slowly. (It's a process y'all!) I even joined a gym after taking just one free class...I was hooked! Hello Zumba! ๐Ÿ’ƒ


* I started doing BBG and bought died...ok that's a a little over dramatic but if you've attempted BBG, you know what I mean!

* I got to see my Sigma Kappa Sister Mary, get married to the man of her dreams and drank lots of mimosas.

* I did more meal prepping than I ever have before. You can check out my meal prep post here


*Shot one of my favorite outfits to date! That rainbow jumpsuit from Vici Collection....hands down one of my favorite outfit shots! You can find that post here!

* Got to watch my niece do her first ever dance recital where she just stood there for most of the performance. lol (it's ok, she got going during the second song and she looked really cute! lol)

* Discovered 90 degree by reflex workout leggings; the BEST workout leggings I've ever worn and all I ever wear!

* Went back to North Carolina to spend some time with my bestie Molly. Remember walking downtown to eat dinner, getting tipsy on margaritas and taking a bike cab ride around the park! LOL


* It was so HOT in Atlanta and shooting content was rough but we made it through!

* I got to work with Payless on an Instagram Campaign. I never thought that would happen but it was such a fun experience working with a brand I've shopped at since I was a little girl!

* My mom turned 50 years old and I had so much fun getting to celebrate her and that milestone. 


* I got accepted into RewardStyle and was able to start linking my items using the Liketoknow.it app. This really helped making shopping through my blog posts easier, especially on Instagram. I'm so thankful for all of you who have shopped through my links. I truly appreciate your support. You can follow me in the app here!

* Got to participate in my first ever Zumbathon for Special Olympics. 

* Got invited to attend the Second Annual PeachFest this year and it was so much fun. Brought my friend Noel to tag along and we had the best time! If you're in ATL definitely try to make it out one year. You can check out the first PeachFest here and the second PeachFest here!


* Got picked to be an Express Brand Ambassador. This was a really cool opportunity because I had worked for the company in the store for 2.5 years, so getting to work for them in a different way was awesome!

* Had sleepovers with my nieces; this is where I realized they're horrible sleepers and wind up sideways ALL THE TIME! lol

* Visited Stone Mountain for my jobs family day!! This was a great day and I had so much hanging out with my family and enjoying all the activities!

* Ended the month losing a dear friend in a bad car accident. This hit my little UWG family hard and really opened our eyes that we needed to make spending more time together a priority because life is truly so short! (Miss you Pierce! ๐Ÿ’œ)


* Our friends death pushed my little UWG to get together and we got to spend time acting goofy and going bowling; doing something our friend Pierce loved to do. It's sad that had to happen for us to make the time to spend together but I'm so thankful we've made it a priority!

* Met in the middle and celebrated my two nieces birthdays! They're now 3 and 5....time is flying!!

* Pushed myself out of my comfort zone and attended some events alone like the Liketoknow.it book tour and met people I've been following for a long time; @loverlygrey, @awedbymoni, @Laurenelyce and @annawpage.


* October was a really good month for me! I turned 27 this month which is crazy! You can read all about the 27 things I'm thankful for in this blog post here!

* Got to attend an awesome blogger event in Atlanta for women of color; I was able to hear great insight by women who are in the entertainment business as well as connect with some fellow bloggers who I interact with online.

* Participated in a Party in Park Zumbathon dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness

* Met someone who makes me REALLY happy!  (thanks for sliding in my work email!๐Ÿ˜‰)


* We held our first ever Friendsgiving!

* Got to put together some awesome giveaways for you guys and trust me there are more to come!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

* Hit my second weight loss goal of losing 20lbs....currently down 25 with a little more to go! I PROMISE this blog post is on it's way. I got so many DM's about what I was doing so I WILL share this with you!

* Got invited to Park Tavern for their influencer night and created so many inside jokes with my bestie Erin. "Are you with the party?!" LOL


* Had our first Friendsmas and got to get everyone together again for fun and a secret Santa exchange.

* Did some more fun giveaways and met some amazing ladies along the way.

* Got to spend some much needed time off for Christmas with my family and let my mind and body truly rest.

And that leads to today, December 31st! When I look back over the year, I can't help but feel so blessed at all the good things that have happened. Yes, there were some bad times....some that were really rough, but the good overshadowed the bad. I can't say it enough how thankful I am for all of you who take the time out your day to engage with me and read what I have to say. It always blows my mind when I get a message, email or DM telling me you love something I've shared or you've just tried something new. I can't wait to see what's in store for this little blog in 2019 but I sure am looking forward to the ride! I hope you have a happy New Year!


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