27 Things I'm Thankful For!

Friday, October 12, 2018

Today is my 27th birthday!! So crazy to think I've hit this milestone in my life, seeing as not many people live long enough to see this age. I wanted to first thank each and every one of you who had wished me a happy birthday, I appreciate it more than you know. I wanted to share 27 things I'm thankful for with you all this birthday so here we go!

1. Waking up this morning
This is something I don't take for granted. I'm constantly reminded how blessed I am to wake up every morning and see another day. You never know if tomorrow might be your last day on this earth. 

2. My Mom
Y'all, she is my best friend. I probably call her more than she would like and I'm sure she regrets being in a group chat with me and my sister when we're just blowing up her phone. I value our relationship so much because I know not everyone is fortunate to have that.

3. My best friends
You guys are so amazing and I love how we're all so different yet compliment each other so well. I'm so blessed to have a group of friends like you who always have my back no matter what. It's not often that you'll find friends who will truly pray for you and your success.

4. My Blog
I'm so thankful that I have a place where I can share things I love and it allows me to let out my creativity.

5. Theo
This little guy is the gift that keeps on giving. I love that we can be apart for as little as 30 seconds and he's just as excited to see me. We don't deserve dogs love! ­čĺô

6. My siblings
We are a very interest bunch but I love all of you and am thankful to have you all in my life.

7. Being an Aunt
I have the cutest and sweetest yet sassiest nieces out there. I love that I get to watch them grow up and be there for all of their milestones.

8. My health
I don't take this for granted. I know many people who are dealing with health battles and I'm blessed to be very healthy. (Go get a biometric screening done!!)

9. Zumba
I love to dance and this combines that with fitness; best of both worlds. Thank you Izzy for making class fun and always entertaining (i.e class waterbug brigade! LOL) So proud of all that you've accomplished with your goals and for always being a positive light even in a dark room with negativity!

10. Online Shopping
Since I worked in the mall for 2.5 years, I avoid it like the plague and have started an intimate relationship with online shopping. This has been going on for almost 10 months so you could say we're pretty serious.

11. Laughter
Laughter is very important to me. I LOVE to laugh, it's part of what keeps me healthy I believe.

12. Salads
My favorite food...enough said.

13. My chiropractor
Dr. Kat, you the real MVP! So grateful to have a friend in you while also having you there to make sure I'm not falling apart....literally! LOL (check that post here!)

14. Quiet time in the Car
This time is where God and I have our time together and I talk to him about what's going on. I'm grateful for that time!

15. Music
Music is my life and I'm thankful to not only have a degree in but but that I am blessed with the talent to sing.

16. Supportive Bloggers
This little big world can be so competitive, so I'm thankful for the bloggers who are willing to lend a helping hand or just to answer a question I might have!

17. Concealer
Under eye circles.....enough said.

18. Fashion
Clothing allows me to express myself and I love that I'm able to wear what I want and feel confident.

19. Rodan & Fields
This has changed my skin for the better. I have a blog post all about it here.

20. Love
To have people in my life that love and care for me is amazing!

21. GPS
I'm not the best with directions and if this were not a thing, I'd probably always be lost!

22. Smoothie King
This is my favorite healthy treat and since they've opened one fairly close to me, they take all my money! lol

23. Atlanta
I love the city and the fact that there are so many opportunities if you're willing to work. I have my own goals and this is a part of it!

24. BCAA's
Branch chained amino acids.....game changer with my fitness!

25. Gel Manicures & SNS
I have a thing about chipped nail polish and these keep my nails looking great.

26. The Gym
My personal therapist. Nothing beats the feeling after a great workout!

27. ALL OF YOU!!
I'm so thankful for each and every one of you who take the time to read my blog, to interact with me through social media and shopping through my links. This allows me to continue to share amazing content with you guys and I'm so appreciate of all your support!


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