Tracks Bazaar: Food Truck Park

Monday, November 13, 2017

As most of you know, the weekend after my birthday I headed up to Greensboro North Carolina with Theo in tow to visit my best friend Molly! This was not only to celebrate my birthday together, but for a chance to have some much needed girl time but to also see her new city! It's always so exciting to travel to a new place and experience it with your best friend, but also getting to try all these really cool restaurants. Molly had been telling me about these food trucks that she wanted to visit so that was first on the docket of things to do. My first night there we made our way over to a place called Tracks Bazaar. It's such a neat and cool place; it is an old abandoned piece of land used for monthly food truck events. There are all these unique wall murals and a huge windmill placed right in the center. There were were so many food trucks to choose from so we decided to make one lap around to see all that was offered. We couldn't decide on just one place so we thought trying a few things from different places would be the best idea. Molly grabbed Jamaican, while I trekked over to the Korean BBQ truck but not before grabbing a plate of plantains. All of the food was AMAZING and the prices were so affordable. If you're ever in the Greensboro area when the food trucks are there, you should definitely check it out!! You will not be disappointed. Be sure to check out Molly's post on Tracks Bazaar here!

302 W. Gate City Blvd.
Greensboro, NC 27406

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