My First Time in New York

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Spring Cleaning Your Life

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Where have I been?...

Monday, March 4, 2019

Happy Monday! Ok, I know you're wondering where I've been in this little corner of the internet. I could make up some excused about oh I've been so busy (which I truly have been ),  the weather hasn't been the best for shooting (also true) but in all reality I was just tired. I know, not the answer you thought I was going to have but it's true. I've been ripping and running around on full speed for the past couple of weeks and not taking the time to TRULY relax. Unfortunately when you take a step back something has to suffer and my blog was it. I always opened my laptop to write or share some new items but I didn't have the energy to put towards doing it, not did I really want to if I'm being honest. I loved the time I had to focus on all the other things I had going on, which are always never ending, but getting to catch up on those has given me the headspace to get back to what I enjoy doing. If you're ever wondering what I'm up to, you can always catch me posting on Instagram or Instagram, stories, I have my friends birthday this weekend and a trip to New York in a couple of weeks. It's my first time going to New York and I'm going for a friends birthday for just the weekend, so if you have an recommendations for things to do and what to see I would love to hear them.

The weather is all over the place here in Georgia; one day it gets up to 67 degrees and then there are days like today where it was only in the low 30's. I'm anxiously awaiting Spring by slowly buying pieces that I can't wait to share with you guys. I received this super cute jogger set from Shein and I've been loving it. Since I can't exactly leave the house without sleeves, this is the perfect outfit to throw on and run errands. This outfit comes in a set and I am wearing a medium and it's only $21. I'm getting Gucci vibes without the Gucci price. I thought since this is my first post in a while, I'd come back sharing some of the things I've snagged off Amazon lately. Amazon is my jam; I can always find what I'm looking for and when you have prime, it's seriously the best! I can't wait to share more content with you guys and am thankful for each and everyone of you who shops through my links or asks for my advice on styling. If there is anything in particular you would like me to share, I'd love to hear from you!