Birthday Celebration: Turning 30!

Tuesday, October 12, 2021


It's crazy to say that I just turned 30! I'm entering a new decade of life and that's mind boggling. Normally I write a blog post sharing "X" amount of things I've learned or "X" facts about me in correlation to my age but as I enter this new decade I wanted to share just one. One thing that was the hardest lesson for me to learn and one I'm still working on:

"Put yourself first!"

This applies to so many thing; mentally, physically, emotionally....the list goes on. I had to learn how to put myself first, ESPECIALLY my mental health. That meant removing myself from situations that were hindering my mental and emotional state regardless of how long people have been in my life. I had to stop allowing myself from being too emotionally available for people who weren't doing the same for me. I had to settle with the fact that people will talk sh*t about you and create false narratives to victimize themselves to make you look like the bad guy. (this one still makes me upset but that just shows more about their character than mine and the fact that maybe they should hit up a therapist, they're really helpful!) I had to tell myself over and over that it's ok to do what you have to do to fill up your cup, no one is going to do it for you. I learned that no matter how many times you block someone they will consistently make fake profiles to stalk your Instagram (insert Mariah Carey"Obsessed") And lastly, there is NOTHING wrong with being an introvert who needs a lot of alone time after being social; I just have to recharge my social battery and my existence does not depend on how many people I hangout with and how many things I get invited to; that's tiring. 

So here's to my thirties! Starting a new decade being 30, flirty and fabulous. Not tolerating childlike behavior from adults, having my alone time (with Theo lol) and going after all the things I want. Constantly "putting myself first!"



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  1. Awww love this! I totally agree with putting yourself first! BTW happy bday and welcome to the 30s club! I'm 38 and the 30s are the best........It took me many years to learn to put myself first too but it makes a world of difference!