Revamping My Living Room

Wednesday, September 1, 2021


Moving in to a new space always gets me excited; it's a chance to change up my decor, add new pieces and just overall create a different feel from what I had before. Also, with things slowly opening back up from the past year I knew I would be opening up my little home to have friends over and having a space where I could relax after a long work day. My top priority was to create a more cozy feel than what I had in my previous place and I think I was able to achieve it with some pieces I incorporated courtesy of All Modern. All Modern has some of the best home decor pieces along with furniture so I had fun looking through the site to find what fit my vision for the space. 

The first thing on my mind was a rug; my old rug I love but I knew changing it out was something I really wanted to do. I found this gorgeous ivory rug incorporated with a rust colored design. This really set the tone of the space and was definitely more comfy underneath my feet than my last one. I love the print of it and Theo seems to love it as well. I had finally gotten in my gray couch and needed pillows and I wanted to add a pop of color so I went these velvet green pillow covers. They easily can be taken off and thrown in the wash but they add just the right amount of color. Since I have a smaller space I didn't do a sectional so I knew I would need additional seating that would double as foot rest. I picked up these stools that come as a pair and I love them. The best part is that they have storage on the inside so I can hide any extra pillows, blankets or random knick knacks that don't have a home. Lastly, lighting truly makes a space so I went with an end table lamp and light bulb that would give off warm cozy vibes. I love the base of this lamp and how although it's wide it doesn't feel like it's overpowering the table due to the design. I hope you guys love the way this space is turning out, I know I am. 

I know not everyone is looking to spruce up their living room space but maybe interested in redoing their entryway. It's the first space that anyone sees when they come in your home and I feel like it sets the tone of your design style and can make it feel more inviting. I've included my picks of what I would choose if I had a true entryway in to my apartment. You can also check out some home decor Inspo from All Modern here



Thank you to All Modern for collaborating with me on this post!

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