February Instagram Round up

Monday, March 1, 2021


You guys it's March 1st! I feel like the months are just flying by but I'm ready for a new month; February was just not it for me. Overall when I look at the month as a whole it was really good as far as blog opportunities and fun events I got be a part of but mentally it just wasn't it. Work was a lot in February and things in my personal life were happening so I needed to take the last week of February to stay physically by myself for my mental health and I feel much better. When I look back at the month, it was super cold and gloomy most days and as someone whose mood is extremely affected by the weather I think this had something to do with my mood over the month. Let's also address the elephant in the room: this is the one year mark of Covid shutting everything down and causing a lot of change in the world. It was a lot for everyone to handle and although it's still not going anywhere, let's think about how far we've overcome with all these changes.

I wanted to share a recap of the month with you guys of all the outfits I posted the entire month of February. I thought this would something to start on my blog as a way to share all the outfits in one place at the end of each month and shows you something maybe you missed. You can click on each picture to shop my looks. I hope to bring you guys more fun content this next month!













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