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Thursday, April 15, 2021


Let's talk about skin. Skin care is something I've really tried to focus on as I've continued to get older. Makeup is great and can enhance your face but it's your skin under that makeup that really makes the biggest difference. I'm not at the point where I'm considering any kind of botox or injections of sorts but facials is something I've been doing recently and really seeing a difference in the appearance of my skin. I got the opportunity to partner with Clinically Clear here in Buckhead, Atlanta to share my journey to clear glowy skin. 

Clinically clear is a skin care clinic that specializes in treating problematic skin such as acne, rosacea, etc. They have an awesome team of estheticians who really help you achieve your skin goals and work with you to restore your skin with in office treatments and an at-home skin care routine consisting of custom formulas. You can check out their FAQ here! The owner Lynn is so amazing to work with and is there to answer any questions you might have. 

I decided to stick to working with the same esthetician each time because I feel once someone starts to really understand your skin and see your trouble spots, consistency is key. I have loved getting to work with the AMAZING Dabrielle: She's so wonderful to work with, always makes sure I'm super comfortable and explains everything so that I fully understand what steps she's doing on my skin. I got with Dabrielle and asked her a few questions so you guys could get to know more about her and see my progress.


•What made you want to work with skin?

As a teenager, I suffered from acne. I wish I did more skincare research before going the invasive route of Accutane. After Accutane, I had pigmentation & some residing acne left. My sisters got me a gift card for chemical peels and the rest is history!!

•How do you determine what facials and procedures are best for my skin?

I look at the appearance, discover your tolerance to ingredients , & health of your skin now, then determine what treatments & products will be used to improve it, making it close to picture perfect 👌 

•What are your product or care recommendations for my particular skin type? 

Products that will hydrate, smooth & brighten.

•What kinds of results can I expect from getting facials?

Facials serve as boosters for your home care routine. Some of the products used during the facial are strong and only for professional use and will push your results. It’s all about your day and night routine.

•How long should you wait in between treatments?

Treatments every two weeks accelerate your skin health! Once a month is perfect, however, since our skin sheds a whole new layer every 28 days. 

•What’s your number one skin care tip? 

Jeez, there’s so many, but working in a cleanser for a few minutes, morning and evening, is certainly one of my fave tips!

•What’s the most common mistake you see people make when it comes to their skin?

Excess steam & allowing hot water to constantly hit their face while showering. Extreme water temperatures can impair the skin’s natural barrier, creating an imbalance. With imbalance can come excessively oily, acneic, dry &/or sensitive skin.

•What are you goals for your clients?

My goal for each client is to work toward constant progression and if they’ve obtained their goal, maintain it🙌🏽

If you guys are in or around the Atlanta area I highly recommend you check out Clinically Clear. They truly have helped my skin and have helped make me more confident going makeup free more.



Thank you to Clinically Clear for Partnering with me on this post. 

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