My First Time in New York

Thursday, March 28, 2019

I promised myself in 2019 that I would step outside of comfort zone and travel more: you can check out my 2019 goals here! Who would've thought I'd be checking off one of my go to dream places to visit within the first quarter of the year, not me! I got the chance to visit New York City; the place where there's people everywhere, the city is bright with lights and home to one of my favorite! Let me back up and give you a quick backstory about how this trip came to fruition.

In college, my best friend Molly and I lived with Rachel; Rachel moved in after we had another roommate who moved out for a teaching job. Rachel is literally one of the best chefs I've ever met in my entire life and Molly would agree with me on this. She was such a great roommate and we've all stayed in touch and close since then. Rachel was turning 30 (Dirty Thirty!) and invited Molly and I to come for her birthday. Molly and I had just talked about wanting to go on a trip and the opportunity presented itself so we booked our flights spontaneously and off we went. Now on to the trip.

The sole purpose of our trip was to celebrate Rachel's 30th birthday but we knew we wanted to make the most out of our time there especially with it being our first time to the city. Leading up to the trip we scouted all the places we knew we waned to try to hit.

This was travel day; Molly and I had our flights booked close in arrival (and departure) time so that we would be together to maneuver through everything. We flew in to LaGuardia Airport and first up was purchasing a MetroCard. We knew we would be using the subway and knowing how much taxis would cost we knew this would be the most cost efficient way of getting around. Luckily our friend Layne told us about an app called "City Mapper that is honestly a God send: it tells you how to get wherever you want to go, giving you the details of what subway train you'll be getting on as well as how long till it comes to the station. We made our way into Brooklyn where we stayed in an Airbnb. I highly recommend staying in an Airbnb. You're able to stay at a nice place while saving some money. We stayed in and relaxed before we got ready for Rachels birthday party at the "The Red Rooster". This restaurant had a really cool sexy vibe. Downstairs was a live jazz band and if you know me I sand jazz in college, so this was right up my alley. The food was absolutely amazing and the company was even better.

We woke up early everyday to Geta head start on our day and to be able to see as many things as possible. Here's all that we did:

*Brunch at Nomo Soho (Nomo Kitchen) - the food was incredible!

* Walked around Soho and did some shopping - loved getting to shop in some of my favorite stores like Aritzia and Zara since I don't have any close by.

* Went and saw the One World Trade Center - such a surreal experience being in that space. 

* Went to the Top of the Rockefeller Center - this a must when you come to New York. You have the best view and it's incredible!

* Visited the Lego Store - this was a stop to pick up things for my nieces and little brothers.

* Went and Saw the Nike Innovation Store - this was on of the tops places Molly wanted to go. She literally looked like a kid in a candy store! lol

* The Color Factory - this was honestly one of the coolest interactive art exhibits. There's so much to be said about this place so I'll be dedicating an entire post about it, so stay tuned!

* Bodegas - we stopped in a bodega to pick up a snack and also to pick up some souvenirs to bring home.

 * Brooklyn Bridge - the view is insane. It's super windy but it won't disappoint.

*Dumbo - this was the cliche Instagram spot and there were so many people there getting a pic but I'm so glad we check it out.

* Shot some outfits in Brooklyn - this was a work thing. lol

New York Round Two
I've already started putting together a list of places that I want to check out next time:
* The Metropolitan Museum of Art
*Times Square
*See a Broadway show
*Statue of Liberty
*Old Rose Restaurant
*The Plaza Hotel
*Cha Cha Matcha
Catch Restaurant

There was so much more we wanted to do and see but I think for being in New York for only 52 hours getting only 11.5 hrs of sleep and walking over 45,000 steps, we saw A LOT!! We're already talking about when we want to come: definitely when the weather is warmer! I've started a list with my places I want to to visit next time. I hope you enjoy the video below that shares a glimpse into our weekend. If you enjoyed the video let me know in a comment below or on tonights Instagram picture and I'll be sure to share more video content.


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