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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

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Hey Friends!
I hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween! I came home from a 10-hr work day and immediately took my siblings out to go trick-or-treating. I didn't even get to get in the house really good nor eat my food before they were standing at my car door asking to go out. Halloween where I live gets crazier and crazier every year. I don't know what it is but EVERYONE seems to flock to my neighborhood. Theo wore his hotdog costume and everyone loved it! Cutest little hotdog I've ever seen. 

So I mentioned before in my last post that the weather here has DEFINITELY cooled down tremendously causing everyone to break out their coats and cute jackets. If you've read my about me post, you would know that I'm originally from Miami Florida. Although living in the peach state for over 12 years my body still belongs to he warm weather. With all of that being said I've been finding really warm but super cute clothing to make the idea of it getting colder ok. I've rounded up some of my recent Fall purchases that I've been loving and are great even if where you live is still kind of warm. 

I have always loved the duster jacket trend but never knew if I could pull it off; mostly because of the length. All of the ones I would stumble across were always too long so it looked really funny. This one hits me at just the right length and looks good dressed up and down. I have a post coming with the duster soon but in a different color. This is currently 50% off right now making it $16!! I ordered a S/M.

Cardigans are one of the most versatile pieces you can own and truly a closet staple. When I cleaned out my closet I had to invest in a new one that would last longer and come down a little longer. This one is perfect!! This is the perfect creme color and it keeps you warm. The sleeves are a little long on me but I just cuff them an it fits just fine. This one is only $30! I ordered a M.

This season graphic tees having been making more of an appearance and I can see why. They're so easy to throw on with a cute pair of jeans and a jacket and you have an entire outfit. This one I stumbled across and loved it. It definitely gives me Gucci vibes without the Gucci price! I've been rocking graphic tees (here & here) and have been loving the simplicity of the outfits. This one I ordered in a small and it's coming in the mail this week! Stay tuned for an outfit post with this! It's $15.

I'm not one for tennis shoes but I have been loving them! These pink ones I got on sale I've been loving wearing. My best friend Molly also gifted me a pair of really cute sneakers from the "A New Day" line from Target. Those will be coming to the blog very soon as well. Sneakers can be dressed up or just worn casually and look super cute! These are currently $20.

Sweaters are obvious choices for the Fall and Winter seasons. I've been finding great ones to add to my wardrobe; this one if particular is my favorite. I love the powder blue color and how soft it is. I wore this to work and got so many compliments on it. It comes in 3 other colors and currently only $25.

Last year I scooped up the warmest teddy bear style coat from Express and was hooked. I knew that this time around I wanted to find another I loved to add to my wardrobe. This one is perfect!! I love the color of it, how soft it is and how versatile it can be. I styled mine with a graphic tee and otk heeled boots (here) but I can definitely see this worn with a skirt or maybe even a cute pair of sneakers. This one is currently almost sold out so I'll link other options!! (here, here & here)

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