"Girls support each other"

Friday, August 25, 2017

 TOP: H&M (sold out, similar shirt here) // SHORTS: H&M // SHOES: Lulus // BAG: H&M (old, similar bag here)

Happy Friday lovelies!
We made it through another week and to another weekend. I'll once again be spending mine working but that's ok. So if you follow me on snapchat and/or Instagram, you saw that I did a big closet clean out! It needed to be done and I had been putting it off. I feel like I purged so many things and a weight has been lifted!

On to this adorable outfit....this top and shorts cost $12!! I know....you can't believe it right?! Well it's true. I am a tried and true sales shopper and am always on the lookout for the best deal! This top is so true on so many levels...I'll get to that in a bit. These shorts are so comfortable and I shared the exact same style in Mondays post! Seriously, you need a pair of these shorts in your life....or 4 like I do! #noshame. Lol. I mentioned these cute sandals in a look for less post that were a dupe for the Steve Madden pearl sandals. These are even more on sale and are so easy to slip on and run out the door!

Now on to this shirt: I feel like as women we're always in a competition with each or we're constantly comparing ourselves to other women. We ask ourselves, "Is she prettier than me?"..."Are her clothes nicer than mine?"..."She has the best life. Why couldn't mine be like that?!" We even go to great lengths of putting down another woman for being different than us out of jealousy. We put them down to make ourselves feel better....what good is that really doing? We're comparing ourselves to these women that appear to "have it all" when in reality we really don't know what that woman is going to through. It's so easy to judge based on what you see on social media but we forgot that that is only the parts a person put out to share. We put our best version of our life on Instagram, don't forget that! So many women are going out and succeeding or trying to branch out to better her life....support her! She's taking a chance on starting a new project and going for her hopes fulfilling her goals in life. Don't make fun of her, or secretly hopes that she fails; support her by buying a product, sharing her new endeavor, ask her if there's anything you can do. We as women have come so far in this crazy world that it's absurd that we would turn against each other....I mean come on, we're pretty amazing a I right?! Lift the women in your life up and let it be known that you're there for them! "Girls support each other!"

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