Look For Less: Designer

Monday, July 17, 2017

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Happy Monday!
This morning was definitely a struggle for me to wake up! After a long night working, sleeping in was at the top of my agenda. Although I didn't get to sleep in very long, a nap is definitely in the near future. I've yawned about 30 times so far today and I've only be awake for maybe 3 hours. 

So as you all know I LOVE a bargain. If I can get the biggest bang for my buck I'm all about it! With my love of clothes and constantly perusing the internet for hidden gems, I've come across some awesome items that are dupes for bigger brand designers. All of these items are "inspired" by the real designer item but at a much more affordable cost!

1 vs. 2
So I stumbled across this dress last summer on Instagram thru a blogger. I went on the hunt for this because I loved it so much; the pom pom detail, the high-low hem and the cute back. When I finally found it I definitely had a little bit of sticker shock! It was $250! Wayyyy over anything I could spend on one item of clothing. This summer rolled around I stumbled upon a look alike for a fraction of the cost. This dress I found at Forever21 was only $28 and fulfilled my want for the designer version. Stay on the lookout for that dress styled soon!

3 vs. 4
I feel like everywhere you look whether it be on Instagram or in magazines,loafers are really in style right now specifically the Gucci loafers. These retail at about $750! I get it, I get it, they're Gucci so you're definitely paying fot the name. Well, I went looking for a cheaper version and I found one. These look so similar to the designer version and will only cost you $32. You'll get the look of the designer version without having to sacrifice a limb to pay for it! Lol.

5 vs. 6
If you look on almost every bloggers Instagram, she has these Steve Madden Pearl slides ($70). They're super cute and these really aren't a big budget breaker. These are definitely on my current wish list of items to get. When searching for for 2-strap slides I came across an almost exact dupe for the Steve Madden pair. These only cost about half at $34 and helps you save the extra money if you're trying to decide to purchase the designer shoe.

7 vs. 8
The Chloe bags have been a hot commodity for a while. If you're not willing to shell out the $1850 for one...(yes, it really costs that much!)...then I've found a great lookalike for this bag. The designer dupe for this bag will only cost you $31! These definitely look similar and if you've been wanting this designer bag, give this one a try!


  1. I LOVE the less expensive dupe (is dupe only used for makeup lol?) for that dress. I'm going to get check out your other "looks for less"- I'm honestly too lazy to do it on my own LOL.

    1. Right! You can't beat that price difference! Haha I was thinking the same thing as far as using dupes outside of makeup! Thanks for checking out my blog. I appreciate it! :)