Romper or Maxi?

Monday, July 10, 2017

ROMPER-MAXI: Marshalls (similar style here, here & here) // SHOES: Target //

Happy Monday!
This morning was a struggle to get out of bed. You know those mornings where you feel like you have to peel your eyes open?...yea that was me. This is the time where I wish caffeine actually gave me energy. This past weekend I tried letting my pup Theo stay out of his playpen at night to see how he would handle guys, he did great!! No accidents and he slept just fine. This might be the new norm around here!

Now on to this super cute Maxi romper...wait...maxi dress...? It's the best of best of both worlds!..(Hannah Montana anyone?) I was in Marshalls, like I usually am and spotted this hidden gem walking out the store. The beautiful embroidery caught my eye and I grabbed it since it happened to be the only one and in my size. It was fate! Lol. This is the perfect blend of the two and gives you a different look. This romp-max is the perfect length and would be great for outings where you need to be dressed up not super dressed up, if that makes sense. I couldn't link my exact romper but I found some that are really cute.

Have a great Monday!

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