T-Shirt Dresses & Tassel Sandals

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

 DRESS: Gap Factory // SHOES: Payless (sold out similar pair here & here) // PURSE: Ross (similar here) // SHADES: Amazon

Happy Wednesday!
Ok, so my work schedule for the past couple of days has been at the most random times. If you've ever worked retail you'll understand what I mean. Floorset...this is where the stores layout and overall look changes monthly. You feel like you blink and you're already doing another one. I've been working at the same place for two years so I've done countless one. Staying up till 2 a.m working is not my ideal but you gotta do what you do. 

I wanna keep things casual and share this super soft light pink t-shirt dress from Gap Factory. My best friend Molly's mom over from MyLifeAsMollyMac gifted me this super cute dress and it was so thoughtful. It really is one of the best gifts since it's something I can throw on and go and that's been what I've been going for most recently! I paired this simple dress with these fun tassel sandals. They are the focal point and dress up the dress. I added some fun pink/rose gold shades since it's been so hot here in GA and the sun is beaming! Molly has the same dress too and you can see how she styled hers here!

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