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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Happy Wednesday Everyone!
Ok, so if you follow me on my social media especially my snapchat you know that I am obsessed with my dog Theo!! I know, I know...there is such a thing as too many pet pics but he's just so darn cute...I'm biased.  With peoples love and obsessions with their furry friends there are so many cute and cool products out there for pets from beds, dishware and even toys. I wanna share with you some of the things I've found that caught my eye that I'm thinking about buying for my furry companion.

1. Pet Teepees
 Photo courtesy of: Amazon (Little Dove Store)
I think these are some of the cutest pet "homes" out there. It's not everyone's cup of tea but that's ok. I'm definitely thinking of buying Theo one of these and hope that he loves it. Some might think it's silly but do you boo boo! I found this super cute banana leaf print one that is absolutely adorable! There's even this black and white stripe teepee that
would work for both genders.

2. Leashes
Photo courtesy of: Moon Dog Design Studios

Leashes are an everyday necessity for your pup so why not walk your dog in style?! These super cute ombre leashes that can be customized in an color combination you choose are the perfect accessory for your pet. My favorite color is the teal with the gold hardware,  I think Theo needs it! ;) They definitely look like great quality and can be made in different lengths as well.

3. Collars
 Photo courtesy of: Woof & Wag

This goes hand in hand with leashes like I mentioned above. Your pets are constantly wearing a collar everyday and if you're one who wishes to skip your local pet store and go for something a little more custom this is the place for you! This cute etsy shop makes the most adorable collars and even ones that have bowties. I'm a sucker for a puppy in a bowtie, it's the cutest thing ever! I love this cute gingham bowtie collar and seriously thinking about picking this up for Theo. There's tons of other prints and colors so you're bound to find something you like!

4. I.D Tag
Photo courtesy of: Engrave For Me Pet Tags

Every dog needs a dog tag that contains all important information in case they get lost and just for safety reasons. Now you can go to your local PetsMart or even Walmart and get your dog an I.D tag made. That's what Theo currently has but I'm a lover of anything rose gold and I found the PERFECT dog tag, well in my opinion. This dog tag feeds my love of rose gold and the saying is so funny, but pretty accurate! Lol

5. Pet Camera
 Photo courtesy of: Pet Chatz HD

Ok, I know we all have to go to work and leave the house, thus leaving our pets home alone for an extended amount of time. If you work from home, you're super lucky! This pet camera is probably one of the best inventions for pet owners. It allows you to see your pet throughout the day on your phone, talk to them and even give them a treat! For someone like me who is gone for 9-10 hrs for work this is the perfect product. It is a little pricey but you get piece of mind and you get to see your sweet pups face throughout your crazy work week!

I hope you enjoyed all my finds for your furry friends. Be sure to stay updated on these products thru my instagram! Thanks to everyone who entered my first ever giveaway! There will be more to come in the near future! ;)

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