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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

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Okay, although Fall is near I'm not itching to pull out my sweaters and knee high boots just yet. Also in Georgia the weather is still sweltering hot so I'm sure it'll be a while before it starts to even cool down here. All of that being said, it doesn't mean that I can't put together a Fall clothing wish list for the upcoming months! I really need to do a closet clean out of all the things I know I won't be reaching for this Fall and Winter as well as summer clothes I won't wear again to make room for new items, but I have found some things I LOVE! These are all very versatile pieces that can be worn with so many different things and are great staples for that chilly weather!

So I had a coat like this last year that I pretty much wore almost everyday....it's just that great! Lol. These jackets are so soft and warm and you really can wear it with just about anything. I wore mine dressed with jeans and a cute top (here) or even dressed down with leggings and a baseball cap! (here). This is a piece you shouldn't be on the fence about. I WILL be adding another jacket like this to my wardrobe.

Ok, I get that not everyone likes leopard but I do! These were on my wishlist last year but missed out on getting my size. Imagine my excitement when I realized they were bringing them back this year! Woo! These have a small chunky heel that is perfect for all day wear including work when you're on your feet all day like me. These would be super cute with a pair of jeans and a simple sweater. I'm for sure getting these this year! Also, every Tuesday it's Shoe-Tuesday on Charlotte Russes website including in store so you can scoop this shoe up for only $30, sometimes even less than that!

I use to be an avid carrier or bigger bags but as time went on I slowly shifted to smaller ones and even used a backpack purse. In the fall I like to revert back to my big bag loving days and pick up a cute new bag that will carry me thru the Fall and Winter. This one is slick and black with just a touch of gold accents. The size is perfect to throw all my stuff in and even comes with the option to carry it in your hand or over your shoulder. You're bound to see me carrying this soon!

I feel like mirrored sunglasses just make anyone look cooler or maybe that's just me?! Lol. But all jokes aside, you can have on the simplest of outfits, you throw on those mirrored sunglasses you immediately look more dressed up. I don't know what it is but I'm a fan! I know a big thing for me when it gets colder is that when those cold winds come a blowing it makes me eyes water so I'm usually in shades to protect my eyes from the harsh wind. These sunglasses are a good investment shade and just look sexy. You gotta pick you up a pair!

Scarves are truly one of my biggest staples in the Fall and Winter. I feel like throwing on a big scarf not only keeps me warm but makes me look a little more put together. I mostly like them because they keep my neck warm and with having shorter hair that's important. You want to make sure that you're covering all the right areas to help prevent from getting sick! There are so many options out there so find you an infinity scarf and bundle up!

This is one thing that I'm just now really getting into. Before probably this year you would have never caught me wearing any kind of hat.....ask my best-friend Molly! They never looked good on me, I saw them that way and just didn't work out. Well this year I decided I'm going to wear one of these cute hats! They really add a little something extra to an outfit and also make great covers for bad hair days. Be on the lookout for me rocking a Fall floppy hat!

This duster jacket is one I'm really excited about! I've never really gone for the long trench style of coat or really anything like it for that matter. Sitting at just 5'5, I figured every one I'd get would be wayyy to long. This one is just the right length and the ruffle detail on the shoulders caught my attention immediately!! I can't wait to get this in the mail and throw on a cute pair of booties! This will be the perfect transition piece into Fall when it's starting to cool down.

So those are all my picks for my Fall Wishlist! I hope you found something to add to your Fall wardrobe or even just a little inspiration. I have some more things I have jotted down for Fall so stay tuned for those! Have a great Wednesday!

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