"Kodak Red"

Friday, October 26, 2018

Every Fall I break out all of my neutrals and all of my layers because that is just what I gravitate towards when it gets colder. Idk what it is but you will rarely catch me wearing a ton of color once the weather changes. I decided that this year I needed to step out of my comfort zone and tackle a color you will often NEVER see me wearing; that color is red! I don't know what it is about red but it's one color I don't own a ton of and one I don't get super excited over. Red is so bold and demands attention and I'm a person who likes to fade in the background and not be a distraction. I've been pushing myself to take fashion risks, well my own version of a fashion risk, and try wearing things I normally wouldn't. I've shared these boots before but I wanted to style them a different way for those of you who don't really wear skirts. This style of shoe caught my eye last Fall but I could never bring myself to bite the bullet and get a pair. This year I said, "Be daring!" and purchased these from Payless for only $35! These make me feel like a BOSS! I love they're the perfect height and are so easy to slip on and off. I've found and every chance to wear them! These won't be the last you see of these boots!

What's one fashion piece or color you tend to stray away from? I would love to know. Whatever it may be, I challenge you to push yourself our comfort zone and rock that outfit!


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