Happy "Gal"entine's Day!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Happy Valentine's Day!!
I'll be the first to admit, I'm not the biggest fan of Valentine's Day...maybe because I've never actually had a really good Valentine's Day in my adult life. Yes, it's only one day but every girl wants that guy to make her feel special...I haven't had that yet, and that's totally okay! Over the past couple of years I've remained single and used each Valentine's Day to celebrate amazing friendships and my amazing group of gal pals by showing them how much I care. Who says Valentine's Day is strictly for couples...pshh follow your own rules and do whatever makes you feel happy! Although I've been single, I've consistently had a Valentine every year for the past 7 years...my best friend Molly. She is the true epitome of a GREAT best friend and is always there when I need her. She's always down to go to brunch..(that's important! lol) and will always take another picture whenever it's not quite how I want it to look. Over the years no matter what kind of situation(ship) we've been in you've always made it a priority to show each other how much we care in our own ways. Many people think that we've been friends our whole lives; it might seem that way but actually no. It feels like a lifetime but God saw the right time to bring each of us into each others lives.

This year we decided to do something a little different and do a Galentine's Day photo shoot. Normally one of us is behind the camera so we took full advantage of the opportunity to be in them together! I love how these pictures show how different we are but really captures our personalities and our friendship dynamic so well. I love how you can really see our personal styles and if you follow our blogs, you'll see them even more. When I think back to a couple of years and how we use to dress....boy oh boy! Lol....we thought we looked great then! Haha. I'll definitely think about doing a throwback blog post so you all can see what I mean! Lol.

 Take today to Celebrate the special ladies (and family members!) in your life and tell them Happy Valentine's Day!! Don't let this ONE day get you down....PLUS everyone knows the best day is Feb.15 when all the candy goes on sale at Target!! Am I right?! Lol. All jokes aside, tell your friends and family that you love them and share in the times that you have together!

Happy Love Day!!


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