Tuesday, February 14, 2017

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Happy Valentine's Day!!
Once again another Valentine's Day, another year single. I know you're thinking the same thing, but take this Valentine's Day to "Treat yo self!" I've never really had a great Valentine's Day besides when I was a kid, thanks mom, so I'm usually over the holiday before it even starts. I think back to all the crappy relationship's I've had and think about how strong of a person I am now from them. I know my self worth. I know how I should be treated and not to expect anything less. I look forward to the amazing guy God has for me one day, but until then I celebrate myself! I celebrate loving myself and loving the life I have. I am so blessed and no Valentine's Day is going to overshadow all the good I have in my life. I have a family that loves me, my best-friend Molly who has been my Valentine 5 years running (our longest lasting relationship lol), and a loving God. What more could a girl need?! So don't worry about some guy not taking you out on a date to a nice restaurant just because of a certain day; he can do that anytime. Or not having that giant 5-foot teddy bear that takes up half your bed. Take yourself out for a spa day. Go out for brunch with friends. Do whatever makes you happy! With that being said I hope you have a great Valentine's Day!!

  ­čĺĽ Chaneya

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