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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

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I always get a lot of questions about where my blog name comes from since it's called, "The Savvy Singer." Well I go to College for Vocal Performance and just have an overall love for music. I like all genres and different kinds of artists. Being a singer/musician and having friends and colleagues who are also in the same field, you get a lot of support in your endeavors and you do the same for them in return. Which brings me to my friend Brandon...
Brandon Williams a.k.a B.W.O
Instagram: bwo_music
SoundCloud: BrandonWilliamsOfficial 
T-Shirts: TeeSpring 

I met Brandon through a Jazz gig for an event at school through a mutual friend. We got to talking about how we got started with music and what kinds of things we did involving it. Some of the main things that Brandon does is producing, mastering music and teaching. I've gotten firsthand experience watching him put his ideas into creating new material and watching one melody come to life. It's AMAZING!! Music is not the easiest thing to do, ask any musician and they'll tell you, but if you love it, you put forth the effort. Brandon plays drums (I know ladies, he's a cutie and plays drums. Lol) and constantly works on his craft. SoundCloud is where he releases all his new songs as well as remixes he's done. I've linked it below for you to go give his music a listen. I've got my favorites (Shepards Groove, Back n' Forth.)

Brandon has created t-shirts that supports his music and his brand as a whole. I bought the black shirt and just had to have a white one, so after hassling him, he made a white version. (Lol thanks!) All Brandon's links will be listed and I hope you go take a listen! He has some new music about to drop soon so be on the lookout!!

P.S Funny fun fact: Brandon is the only person I've met who is as obsessed with salads as I am!! Crazy right?!

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