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Monday, February 6, 2017

As everyone knows yesterday was SUPERBOWL Sunday!!
I'm not one to watch much sports, but I am all about the preparation and eating good foods! My little brothers love football so Superbowl snacks definitely add to their experience of watching the game. My mom, sister and I set out to prepare all the necessities to watch the game: Wings, sliders, chips & dip, and adult beverages. Lol (the boys got soda!)

My mom was awesome and made homemade cheeseburger sliders as well as fried wings!! (My fav!). My sister made the boneless wings, while I prepared the table with all the snacks. If you don't have drinks, was it really a party?! We had some yummy Seagram's strawberry daiquiri wine coolers along with some Bud light straw-be-ritas! I love chips and dip, specifically ranch chip dip! We made sure to include some healthy options by adding a bowl of mango and watermelon. My brothers had so much fun cheering on for the Atlanta Falcons, even my cute little niece got excited for every touchdown. Although I chose to do school work and not watch the game unlike every other person in Georgia, I'm happy for the Patriots and congrats to both teams on just even making it to the Superbowl!

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