Spring Fever

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Georgia weather has been pretty all over the place lately. Cold in the morning, warm and sunny in the afternoon then back to cold. I feel like it stays cold longer here than it does warm! I'm a Florida girl, so I'm definitely a fan of sunshine and warm weather. I have major Spring fever! It's gotten worse with the weather teasing us with little glimpses of warmth and sunshine. Since I've been antsy for the Spring, I've been buying some clothes in hopes that the weather will change and stay warm! (ALMOST EVERYTHING IS ON SALE UP TO 40% OFF!!)

I love anything and everything that has tassels. I stumbled upon this and knew it would be perfect for the warmer weather.  This is an exact dupe for a similar dress but this one is $200 cheaper!! Plus the bright tassels add color to the all black dress. This even comes in white!

Nude heels are a staple in any wardrobe. Moving into Spring, I didn't want just a classic nude pump but something that strappy and cute. These definitely fulfilled what I was looking for and I got them on mega sale!

Stripes and off-the shoulder tops have been filling up my closet! I just had to have this cute bodysuit. It would be perfect paired with jean shorts, and I'm planning on wearing them with overalls. We'll see how that turns out! lol

I've been experimenting more with bold earrings versus my regular everyday studs. These add a little bit of color and can dress up any outfit.

These were another pair of earrings that caught my eye. They're different, and not everyone's taste but the color still is perfect for Spring!

This style of shoe has been really popular lately! I wanted a pair without breaking the bank! I found these which were an exact dupe for a designer pair and $100 cheaper!!

I don't own much red but this shirt I had to have. It fit really well and would really stand out. Red is a bold color and it going to make me come out of my shell!

This shoe!! The minute I saw it, I knew it was going to be mine! I'm using these as my College graduation shoes (T-minus 3-months!!). They fit really nicely. The only come in whole sizes; I'm a true 8.5 but bought these in a size 8 and they fit PERFECT!

­čĺÖ Chaneya

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