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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Happy Wednesday!!
I'm so excited to share today's blog post with you all. One of my sweet sorority sisters has followed her dream and opened her own bridal salon!! That's so exciting and so amazing that she has taken that leap of faith and stepped out on faith to do what she loves! I got the chance to stop by her salon and try on some gorgeous dresses; I'm modeling for her salon for the Georgia Bridal & Wedding Expo in February. Come on, what girl doesn't want to play dress up?! I'm no where near this stage of life yet but it was nice to get to see myself dressed up like that and makes me excited for this in the future. The salon is so cute and has the sweetest feel when you walk in. I asked Madison some questions so you all could get to know her and her Bridal Salon better! 

1. What made you want to open a bridal salon?
*I fell in love with bridal the second I got to work with my very first bride. There is something just so rewarding about helping someone find such an integral part of one of the biggest days of their lives. And, with both my parents being such entrepreneurs, it was kind of a natural step. I'm just so lucky my business is something I truly adore.

2. What can brides expect when they come to see you?
*A bride can expect a warm environment when they come to see me. It is an intimate boutique with only fitting rooms to (try to) make sure brides don't get overwhelmed in wedding gown chaos.

3. How are you different from other bridal salons?
*I feel like I am different because this wasn't just a money maker for me. This is my passion, my whole heart and soul. Each gown in my store was hand selected by me for the best comfort and price possible. My niche is affordable luxury. The quality, comfort, and look of a $10,000+ gown for $1500-2500. A bride will never be just a number to me, and I want her to feel like Cinderella while she is in my store. Also, after she has purchased the gown, I will keep in contact and keep her updated on the ETA of her gown, Unfortunately, most salons basically cut off ties with their brides until the gown comes in, then it's off to alterations. Also, in order to keep alterations prices as low as possible for our brides, we do not take commission from the seamstress while allows her to charge less!

4. What has been the most fun part of this new venture?
*The most fun part so far was definitely going to the bridal show to pick the gowns! This year I hope to go to the show in New York and bring back even more fabulous gowns and designers. However, the most fun part in general is when a bride "says yes to the dress!"

5. How long do appointments last?
*Appointments are two hours long; starting at 10am and the latest available appointment being at 4pm. However, if a bride cannot work these hours into her schedule, I will more than happy to accommodate her scheduling needs.

6. How many guests can the bride bring?
*We ask brides to bring no more than 6 guests if she comes on a weekday and 4 on the weekend, and no small children, in order to maintain the intimate feel of the appointment for each bride. 

7. What is the price range of you gowns?
*The price range for our gowns is about $1000-$2000 with a few under and over, and about $1500 being the average.

8. How should a bride prepare for her appointment?
*The best thing a bride can do to prepare for her appointment is relax and try to be open minded. A Pinterest board is a great starting point and it definitely helps to have ideas of what you like and what you don't like, but brides frequently leave with the exact opposite of their Pinterest board. So, be willing to try on anything! Also, do not bring anyone who will stress you out or make you feel bad. It's your big day. You deserve to feel like the queen that you are!

I hope you enjoyed learning more about Bridals by Madison. If you're a future bride you definitely need to check it out.

12926 GA-92 ste.200
Woodstock, Georgia
(770) 485-4748

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