Fact Friday:Part 6

Friday, July 27, 2018

ROMPER: Express // SHOES: Target // PURSE: Express // EARRINGS: Baublebar

Happy Friday loves!!
We made it through another week! I thought today would be a great day for a "Fact Friday" post. I have quite a bit of new readers and this would give you all a chance to learn a little more about me. I've done these in the past, so if you're interested in reading those you can check them out here! These are going to be random things about me that you might not already know, so I hope you enjoy them and it gives you a little more of an insight of who I am!

1. I have three tattoos.
*This one seems to surprise a lot of people when I tell them...why I have no idea. I have one on my ankle and one on either side of my ribs. 

2. I use to teach voice lessons while in college.
*If you're a music student this is a great way to make money in college and help you get better at your principle instrument. 

3. I use to always tell people that one day I would have a Morkie puppy that was going to be a boy and he would be named Theo.
*Insert my best four-legged bud Theo. He is the best gift that keeps on giving. Who says dogs aren't the best companions?! See my first post about Theo here!

4. Since I have to be up so early I now set 3-4 alarms.
* I always swore I would never become one of those people who set more than one alarm to get up in the morning but I've turned to the dark side. Y'all...4:30 comes real quick when you feel like you just shut your eyes so it's now a must!

5. If I had to only use 3 makeup products ever again, it would be mascara, concealer and a good brow product.
*These are the ones that I currently use and love!

6. In my spare time I watch Chiropractic videos.
*Sounds weird but they're interesting to watch. Before I ever stepped foot into a Chiropractic office I watch Dr. Rahim on Youtube. You can find his videos here...they're amazing!! Also, if you're interested in my personal experience with the Chiropractor, you can read there here.

7. I workout 6 times a week
*This might seem excessive to some but I actually really enjoy it and it helps me get out my stress from the work day. If you find something you love, it'll make you want to keep going. I wear these leggings by 90 degree by Reflex and they're a game changer! GET. YOU. SOME!!!


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