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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

It's hot outside so you're breaking out your shorts and dresses to beat the heat. Well that means you're probably shaving your legs a lot more often than you would probably like; I mean during the winter my razor meets my armpits and my legs every blue moon cause who has time for that when you're always wearing pants?....*not me!*I was first introduced to Billie Shaving Company by my friend Erin, I hadn't even heard of the company so I was excited to see what it was all about. 

Billie is a shaving company created for women. They have created a razor that is equivalent to a mens razor at the same price point. There's this thing called the pink tax....I know what you'e thinking...what the heck is the pink tax?! I was right there with you, I had no idea what it is. The pink tax is "the extra amount women are charged for certain products or serviced, for no good reason." Billie has done a great job with creating a razor that comes with 5 blades and products that are free of toxins and bad additives. 

"So what do I get in the box?"

You get the handle that holds your razor, the magnetic holder and two 5-blade razor cartridges. You then we will be signed up to receive four replacement cartridges for ONLY $9 when you need them. You can always adjust, skip or cancel your plan anytime you want! You also always get free shipping which is really nice!

They have additional products you can add to your box monthly or try only once. I added all three additional products to try them out and to be able to tell you all how I like them. They have a shaving creme that is made with aloe vera and sage. This is in a non-aerosol can which is nice so you know you're getting a full bottle of product. This product goes a long way; you don't need much to shave your entire leg. There is the "Sudsy Body Wash" that you also don't need much of. I use about a nickel size amount to wash my entire body. It lathers really well and I love the smell. This body wash is made with grapefruit, coconut, rosa canine and aloe vera. Lastly is the "Dry-Bye Body Lotion' that is probably one of my favorites. I have the driest skin and am always looking for products that moisturize but don't leave my me feeling super oily. This lotion I made with shea butter, grape seed, chamomile and aloe vera. If you add on one thing, I definitely recommend this product!

I love supporting companies that make a point to give back to the community in some aspect. Billie donates 1% of all revenue to women's causes around the world. Currently they are donating to Every Mother Counts,  which is an organization that is committed to making pregnancy and childbirth safe women everyday. 

If you're interested in trying out this click here to get started with your box!


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