Office Chronicles: Fun & Flirty Work Attire

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

SHIRT: Boohoo (old, similar style here) // SKIRT: H&M (old, similar style here & here)
SHOES: Zulily // PURSE: Vici Collection // EARRINGS: Express

Happy Wednesday lovelies!
This week has been one of the slowest weeks I've had in a while. Time is just dragging by and I constantly find myself painstakingly watching the clock to see only a few minutes have passed. Hopefully this week speeds up since it still feels like a Monday! LOL. Speaking of work, I've mentioned before that my office is business casual....I would put more emphasis on the casual seeing as everyone pretty much wears jeans and t-shirts. I'm a person who loves to get dressed so you'll see my constantly put together at work. When I'm dress I've noticed that I'm more productive throughout the day, especially in a work setting. I wanted to share my version of fun work attire; incorporating a dressier skirt with a simple graphic tee. 

Graphic tees have been my life all last season and they continue to stay popular. I've shared them numerous times here on the blog (here & here) and have a few I've gotten recently that I can't wait to style and show you guys. This one happens to be one of my favorites. The black and white is so simple but the print is what catches the eye. I do get a few funny looks when people don't know what #OOTD means (Outfit of the Day lol) but it's a great conversation starter I'll tell ya. I wanted to pair this not with pants, slightly over wearing jeans....sun where are you?!...but with something a little more fun. I've shown this teal pleated midi skirt here & here; it's a piece that can be dress up or done depending on how you style it! I simply knotted my tee and let it sit right where the skirt started. I've gotten some many compliments on this combo at work, what a way to make a girl feel good! :) 



  1. Great suggestion and very versatile! I struggle a lot with wardrobe. My stuff is either very fancy, workout clothes, or something cute for lunch on the weekend, but not for the office. I end up wearing the same handful of outfits week after week

    1. I’m usually the same way. Now that I work in an actual office I’ve gotten the chance to get more creative with my outfits.