My Shopping Tips

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

SHIRT: Target // JEANS: Express // VEST: Ross (similar style here) // SHOES: DSW (sold out, similar style here!) // PURSE: Vici Collection (sold out, similar style here) // GLASSES: GlassesUSA

If you know me, you know I love to shop but I like to shop smart! I'm always looking out for the best deals out there and have accumulated some knowledge along the way. I get asked quite often how I show, what do I go to a store looking for or how to find a bargain. So I thought I would write this post to share those tips with you, so here we go!...

* "Ball within your budget"
You don’t have to have the most expensive stuff to look stylish. With so many brands catering to the everyday person and bringing you trendy items at a more affordable price, it’s so much easier to find things.

* Before you to the mall, make a list
Whenever you go into a store it can become overwhelming with all the options. Things you weren’t even looking for my catch your eye. By having a list of your top needed items, you’re more likely to stay on track and not end up buying 5 extra things you didn’t really need.

* Style before you buy!
This is one thing me and my best friend Molly have gotten really good at over the years. We try to make it a point to style an item we really like at least 2-3 different ways before we purchase it. Also, taking into account our lifestyles, thinking about where we could wear it and if it works in multiple settings/occasions. This eliminates those items that just sit in your closet for months and you never reach for it.

* Buy for your body now, not what you want it to be
This one I think is super important. I personally think when you’re buying clothes, you should always buy for how your body is now. It’s nice to want to get healthier and be more in shape but you risk putting more pressure on yourself to lose a certain amount of weight just to wear one thing. Clothes can always be taken in so buy your current size and rock that outfit! 
* Do your research
This is one of my biggest tips hands down. Before I purchase 95% of my clothing I do my research on it to make sure if it’s going to live up to what I want it to. Does that make sense?....well when you’re an avid online shopper like I am, this is the only way I’m guaranteed I’ll truly like what I’m buying. I go through pages and pages of reviews of the particular item I’m purchasing to see what real people thought. They tend to talk about the fabric, sizing and any other minor details you were wondering about. This has helped me avoid purchasing some not so great items.
To piggyback off doing your research, this applies to finding the best deal possible! Ask any of my friends, they will tell you that I’m the queen of finding something I want but for a better price. I use google and/or the many sites that help you find coupon codes and deals. Retailmenot is a great source for finding coupon codes, I use them especially when ordering Papa Johns pizza....don’t judge! LOL. Over time you’ll find your own way of looking up items for a better price but when you start doing this you’re going to notice how much money you’re saving yourself in the long run.

So those are my main shopping tips. I hope these help you during one your shopping trips. If you ever have questions about anything you can always comment here, comment on my instagram or send me a dm/email. Also, if you ever have a question about what I’m wearing or where something is from, I ALWAYS link them in that particular blog post or will tag the brand in my Instagram photos.

Have a great day!



  1. Thanks for the tips! Sometimes I think the only way to keep to a budget is for someone to take my credit card away ha!