Look for Less: Spring 2018 Edition

Friday, March 16, 2018

1. Self-Portrait Azaelea Dress // 2. ASTR Dress (another option here!)

Happy Friday!!
This has felt like the LONGEST week but we made through to another weekend! *WOO!!* My sister has created her own mantra of "Treat Yo Self Friday" where you treat yourself for making it through another crazy work week. I'm ALL for it so I'll be partaking in that today! Ok, so Spring is literally around the corner...even though you kind of can't tell with how the weather has been acting lately. With the new season comes new clothes and new trends; well if you've noticed A LOT of what was popular and trendy last year has come back this year! If you follow bloggers on social media you've seen the same, it not similar items everyone is gravitating towards. If you have, then you've also seen the price tags that go along with a lot of that stuff too! Not everyone has a big shopping budget every week let alone every month or couple of months. I wanted to help my fellow fashion lovers find similar items that are great dupes for designer items. These are all things that are I've found to be popular right now based on what I'm seeing or has been popular the last few months. So here we go!

This dress was such a POPULAR item last Spring and Summer!! It's the perfect length and great for wedding season. The Self-Portrait dress would run you about $500! Save yourself $410 and grab this dupe for $90! It comes in several colors and it's just as beautiful. I also linked another option that looks almost identical as well that's only $42!
I LOVE Valentino but it's definitely not in my budget. I searched really hard and found these that give me the feel of the Valentino sandals just not at that cost. The Valentino sandals would cost you $1050!! This designer dupe comes in at only $80. The ones I have that I've linked for you also would only cost you $37!!

Oh Gucci, one of the most popular bag brands of 2017 and now 2018! Everyone had a Gucci bag and as much as I would love to own one, spending almost $2000 on a bag was not in the cards for me. The belt bag (a.k.a the "fanny pack") made a come back this year! The Gucci one costs $1300 while the Steve Madden dupe comes in at only $54!

This shoe is EVERYWHERE right now! I love the color contrast as well as the great height it gives. It's so popular that it's practically sold out everywhere! The Chloe sandals costs $190 while this Steve Madden lookalike is only $90 plus it's on sale!!

I hope you found some dupes for some items you have been eyeing. Let me know if there are any other dupes out there I should look into!


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