3 Ways to Focus on Yourself!

Friday, March 9, 2018

Over the past few weeks I've noticed that I've been go, go, go without a chance to slow down. I'm a person who loves to stay busy so always having a lot or something to do isn't uncommon for me. In college I juggled being a music major with 8 classes, working, rehearsals, working out and being active in a sorority all at the same. So you see what I mean when I say I stayed BUSY!! That fast pace energy has stayed past that stage in life and into my next phase of life. I mentioned to you all that I accepted an offer for a new job back in December...(loving it by the way!) that is full time so that keeps me busy all week. With that, I'm also working two other jobs that I love so I truly have a lot on my plate. Although I'm loving everything I'm doing it doesn't mean that there aren't times where I get overwhelmed and need to take a step back and focus on myself. I've gotten into the mindset that I'm giving myself down time but in reality I'm constantly working on something even if it's not pertaining to me and it's for someone else. I've been getting less and less sleep every night and I'm not like I was when I was 19-20 and able to stay up late then wake up super early like it was no big deal. I kept telling myself I was going to take time for myself and I kept saying I'll do it later....well life made the decision for me about taking the time to slow down. If you follow me on Instagram and watched my Insta-stories you would've seen me sick, stuck in bed with a fever of 101. I've been stuck in bed all day...(I was over it after 2-hours)...not really doing much of anything. In my mind I thought of it as time to focus on replying to emails, editing, FINALLY doing my taxes (yea, that didn't get done!) and writing this blog post. Obviously since you're reading this, I got that one task done but throughout the day when I opened my laptop to write it out I would fall asleep.

I RARELY get sick, so this was a slap in the face to really SLOW DOWN!! If I'm not taking care of my mental and physical health, I'm no good for myself or anyone else around me. This year I made it a point to really focus on myself and my happiness so I needed this to remind me what my goal was. With all of that being said, I want to share with you 3 ways I intend on implementing in my own life to focus on myself and make sure I'm taking care of me. 

1. Focusing more in the gym
I mentioned to you guys that a goal of mine was to get healthier this year and that's something I've been making a priority. I started using Advocare and getting back into the gym. I went from being a person who use to go 5x a week to not going at all. Along with not the best eating habits, I quickly noticed a change in my body that I wasn't use to nor what I liked. I'm taking the time to putting more energy into each and every workout so I'm seeing the results that I want and making it more of a priority.

2. Saying "No"
This is one that I struggle with...I always want to help and be there for people but recently I've noticed it's causing me to spend less time on things that are important to me and adding more stress in my daily life. I have to be ok with saying no. Saying no to not wanting to go out, saying no when I really can't do something, or just saying no because I just don't want to do something and guys, that's ok!

3. Quiet time
I use to be really good about this but sadly have fallen out of this routine. My faith is really important to me and it's the one thing besides my friends and family that keeps me level-headed and staying grounded. I've found some amazing daily devotionals, so I intend to get back in the routine of spending that quiet time in the morning and or at night to keep working on my faith. My friend Marquis just started an AMAZING project called "The Millennial Christians" which focuses on bringing people together to worship God and just grow in your faith. They meet at Tradewind Coffee Co. so you can enjoy some great coffee while you get this new experience. I hope you will check it out if you're in the area!

These are just some of the ways that I'm putting focus back on myself and making myself more of a priority. I would love if you would leave me a comment on this post or this instagram post with some of the ways that you focus on yourself!


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