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Friday, June 30, 2017

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A while back I did a blog post all about my favorite everyday makeup items! I shared all of my go to items and things are my tried and true products. I thought I would give you guys an updated list on the things I've been loving. Some things haven't changed but I've definitely added to my list. Almost all of these items you can find in a drugstore so you won't be dropping tons of money for new makeup!

This eyeliner has changed my life. A little dramatic maybe but this really is one of the best drugstore eyeliners I've ever tried. This has really helped me perfect my winged liner and let me say, that use to be a struggle. The small felt tip really gives you full control of what you're doing so it makes it easier for anyone to achieve that cat eye look. I've only ever been able to find it online or in my local Walgreens so check those if you have them!

Ok, so I'm pretty picky about primers. I want the look of smaller pores and smooth skin but I don't want to feel greasy. I'm obsessed with the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water. I still wanted to try a new primer and see what was out there. This primer does everything I need and definitely is a fraction of the smashbox one. This is a silicone based primer but doesn't leave you feeling greasy. It helps my makeup stay on all day, blurs out my pores and allows for smooth foundation application.

Ok so little back story on this primer. I was going to bed when Casey Holmes posted the "secret word" to get access to purchase this palette. Thank God I know my debit card by heart and was one of the lucky ones to purchase the palette online before it sold out! Lol. (this was at 2 a.m btw!) I purchased this in the Gold and have used it ever since I bought it. This has such great shades for all skin types and really adds that glow. If you're feeling a little risky use this to highlight your collar bone and shoulders when out in the sun. It's such a pretty little surprise when the sun hits it.

There are so many "nude" lip products out there but they aren't very accommodating to all skin types. In my case they're always wayyy too light and not really for me. I had seen this lip cremes in the store but always overlooked them. On a whim I bought one not thinking much of it and was completely surprised! I chose the colors "let's toast" and "naughty brown." The color range is very friendly for all skin types, they dry matte but don't feel dry on the lips. I've been obsessed. I'm definitely going to pick up more!

I received this during a contest and was excited to try it out. I'm all for dewy skin and if there is a product that can help with that, I'm all for it. It provides such a pretty finish on the skin without making you look shiny. Trust me there's a difference between dewy and shiny!

I love blush but not super big on really bright colors. I look for more warm and mauve blushes. I've found my all time favorite one by Black Radiance. I picked up the color "Toasted Almond" and I'm obsessed. This color looks so gorgeous on the skin and creates just a wash of color. If you're in the market, you need to try these!! 

I'm a mascara junkie. I'm always looking for the best mascara that is going to give me the best length and the most fullness. This mascara is amazing! It gives me more length and doesn't crumble off the lashes throughout the day. 

Ok, so I had to include this in my list seeing as this has changed the look of my lashes. I mentioned above that I look for length when choosing mascaras. Well this works perfectly with the mascara I mentioned before. This is a primer for your eyelashes and gets them ready for whatever mascara you decide to use. This adds a lot of length to my lashes so it good in my book.

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