Being an Aunt

Friday, March 31, 2017

                   Rhylan                                                                                  Emerson

Happy Friday!
I know if you live in Georgia like I do, you've heard of the crazy bridge collapse and fire on I-85. Praying that everyone was ok and that all the people working on fixing the issues are not in harms way.

So today is going to be sort of a different blog post. I love sharing parts of my life, which is partly why I started this blog. I have amazing people in my life and I want to share them with you. I'll gradually share them along the way but we have to start somewhere. If you know me personally, you know that I'm an aunt! It's pretty cool actually. I have two super cute nieces that really add to my life and I'm very blessed to be their aunt. My sister Chinese, definitely has her hands full. The girls are full of energy and sass; they are a spitting image of my sister in looks and attitude.

This is my niece Rhylan! She's 3 years old and one of the sassiest little girls that I know. She constantly makes me laugh all while driving me crazy at the same time. She loves yogurt, apple juice, bread and milk. I honestly think she needs to be a spokesperson for yogurt brands; she consumes so much that I didn't think it was humanly possible for someone so small to eat that much. This little girl loves nail polish and watching Barbie. I sometimes think she only hangs out with me for my Netflix. She reminds me of a sour patch kid. She can be really bad, but the next minute be so sweet. She loves to dance and sing, no matter when or where. She sings at the top of her lungs, she has no volume control....I'm being serious! She's always so excited to see me when I come, that she runs to the front door just to give me a hug. I'm so blessed to be her aunt and I feel like she's growing so fast! Where did time go?!

This is my other niece Emerson! This little chunky monkey is 1 years old!! I feel like she JUST got here. She's full of energy and has the cutest laugh and definitely keeps you on the go. She gets into EVERYTHING and whenever you catch her she tries to make an escape. She looks like a cartoon character attempting to run away in place. lol. She loves snapchat filters and only wants your phone for that reason. She purposefully bothers Rhylan just to hear her whine; she knows what she's doing because she has a huge smile on her face. She loves messing with things in the cabinet and if you're ever eating be prepared to be joined for your meal. lol

These two little munchkins are a joy to be around and you can't tell me they aren't the cutest things..(I know, I'm biased but I have a right to be lol). Being an aunt is great! The biggest perk is getting to watch them and love on them but at the end of the day you give them back.....Oh come on, don't act like you didn't think of that too! lol. I hope you have a great weekend and stay tuned for the other exciting post I have coming up!

Fun Fact: They're obsessed with their mimi(grandma). If she walks in the house, no one else exists!