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Monday, March 13, 2017

I feel like everyone has a bucket list of some sort, whether it be just things you want do over your lifetime or just things you want to do over a year. Today I'm going to share with you 10 things from my ATL Bucket list. I know, some people find it a little weird to have one when I live near the city but I don't get out as much as you would think (school, work,  rehearsals and shows are my life lol). I've lived in Georgia for over ten years (time has flown) and there are so many things I want to see and do. My goal is to knock most, if not all of these out this year! So here we go:

There's this huge ferris wheel that sits in Atlanta near Centennial Park. I'm not a big fan of heights but this is still a must for me. You get an amazing view of the whole city and who doesn't want to see that?!

Ok, I had to include this one. I'm from Florida, you would know this if you read my "Get to know me" post, but with that, going to the aquarium is a given. Marine life is huge down there since you're so close to the water. Well I've yet to go to the aquarium here in GA; did you know if you go on your birthday you get in free!!

3. Brunch Spots
My best friend Molly and I both LOVE brunch. It's one of our favorite things. We're always looking to try out new spots and ATL has a lot of them. My goal is to try as many new places as I can. A couple of places that caught my eye are:

Centennial Park is literally just a massive park but it's beautiful in the warmer months. I've walked thru the grounds but would love to go and have a picnic there. Cheesy?...yes, but that's

5. Tour the Fox Theatre
The idea for this one, I got from my friend Marquis. He mentioned this to me and I knew it had to be added. I got the pleasure of going to the Fox to see an Alvin Ailey Show which I talked about in a previous blog post "A Day at the Fox Theatre". The inside is beautiful!! I'm excited to get a more in depth view of all its beauty.

6. Wall Murals
I love pictures! Where I live there's not much around me so venturing into the city is the thing to do. Atlanta has so many amazing wall murals, you just have to know where to find them. I found two websites that share most if not all of the cool walls in the city!

This is a place that I really don't know why I haven't gone yet! It's so close yet I've never been. There's tons of cool shops and great areas for a photo

As a kid I LOVED legos!! I was a beast at making a lego house! lol. There is a bigger version of legoland in Florida but this is a lot closer. I'm thinking of taking my three younger brothers with me so it's more acceptable.

Apparently every person who has grown up in GA has done this in elementary school. Well, elementary school in Florida you go to Disney World...they don't compare. All that aside I really wanna go here and just see what it's about.

10. Hiking
I'm not much of an outdoor person but my goal this year was to get more active, so getting out and trying new things is going to encourage that. There are lots of places to hike in GA. One main one is Stone Mountain. They have food, attractions, different events that go on throughout the year; they have something for everyone.

These aren't all the things that are on my list, just a couple to share my plans for the year. If there's anything I didn't mention that you think I should do, leave me a comment letting me know!

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