Happy 25th Birthday!

Monday, March 6, 2017

This is different than my other blog post, but it's a necessary one. Today is my best friend Molly's 25th birthday! I wanted to share a trip down memory lane with you guys to show the progression of our friendship and show you why she's awesome! We've been friends going on 6 six years now!! Crazy right?! We both don't know how we became friends but I just thank our sorority Sigma Kappa and her moving into the sorority house last minute for our friendship. We were instantly attached at the hip and such fast friends that people thought we knew each other four our whole lives. We've gone thru so much together, lifting each other up, late night ice cream runs, 4 am phone calls about crazy dreams and every day life struggles. 

So here's to you Molly:
Thanks for being the best friend a girl could ever ask for! I hope that 25 lives up to be all that you wish and life treats you well. I hope that you accomplish things you've always wanted to do and you constantly push yourself out of your comfort zone and to new limits. I pray that God continues to use you and your talents to continue helping and touching other peoples lives wherever he takes you. I know that we'll always be close and always know I have your back in any and every situation. Thanks for being the Christina to my Meredith and being as obsessed with brunch and clothing as I am. Here's to another year of adventures and new experiences! Happy Birthday Molly! 🎂

P.S. Thank God our style has progressed over the years!! Lol

💙 Chaneya

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