Ikea Tarva Dress DIY

Thursday, October 29, 2020


This post is the one I've been the most excited to share with you guys; this is all about how I turned my plain wood Ikea Tarva dresser into the gorgeous picture you see above. Before I moved I was searching the internet for all of the big items, dresser included and had found some I liked but they were super expensive. I didn't want to spend a ton on things that were for temporary use and wouldn't hold up through the different phases of life.  I shared a while back my room inspiration (you can find that post here) but in that post I shared a white dresser but was looking at either white or gray to go with my gray bed. In that post the dresser was also from Ikea but with COVID and when Ikea finally opened up my original choice was out of stock. I'm not the most patient person so I looked around, found the Tarva plain wood dresser purchased that one and decided that I would figure out the rest later. I looked on Pinterest and went to trusty Youtube to find inspiration and stumbled upon Erin Spain's video on YouTube and LOVED how it turned out. I used that as my inspiration pic and started looking at how I wanted to achieve the look.

I really wanted a pretty gray color; if you look at photos of my room on my instagram, my bed is a pretty gray color and I wanted something to compliment that and wasn't too dark. I went to Home Depot and pulled so many color swatches, a little excessive but settled on the color "Gray Marble" from Glidden's Premium paint line in a flat finish. I loved the swatch and when we started painting the dresser it looked gorgeous! We didn't do any sanding or priming. We did two coats of the paint and let it dry overnight to make sure it was completely dry before I applied the BEST PART!

When I found the youtube video, she had mentioned a company called "O'verlays." I quickly went to their website and Instagram to check it out and see what options they had. You guys, they have so many choices. I love the fact that they have a section dedicated to Ikea and different Ikea styles so it made it easier on me to find ones that went with the Tarva dresser. I reached out to O'verlays and they were gracious enough to gift me with the overlays for my dresser. I chose the Danika pattern; I had seen a dresser before that had a similar design but costs almost $1000 so I knew I could recreate the look with these overlays. When they come in the mail, they come packaged so well; I live in an apartment so when they came mailed to me, my leasing office let me know I had received a package marked fragile so I didn't have to worry about something being broken. In the package you get the overlays but they also give you tips on how you can paint and adhere them to whatever project you're doing. I chose to use E6000 to glue on my overlays. In the IGTV I shared on my Instagram you can see I applied glue around the entire perimeter along with sparse dabs of glue throughout the design to have it stick all over. Once I applied the glue and stuck on the overlay, I used painters tape to hold it in place overnight to ensure it had enough time to dry. 

For knobs I wanted something that looked super chic but wasn't expensive. I tried to do this as budget friendly as possible. I looked on Etsy and found some but it was going to take forever to get to me. I looked on Amazon and found these; they were a 12-pack for only $36 ($39 with taxes) and came in one day! When I got them, they exceeded my expectations. Each knob was packaged by itself with two different screw length options. I was able to twist them on and use a screwdriver to finish securing them. I did that for all of the drawers and it honestly just elevated the look of the drawer even more. I put all the drawers back in to the dresser and styled the top; this is still a work in progress! I really want to get a bigger tv and want to do a gallery wall that includes the tv for a different look over the stereotypical tv in the middle. 

I LOVE the way this entire project turned out! It honestly exceeded my expectations of what it could look like and I now feel like it fits with everything else I currently have in my room. If you saw the before pictures you know what I mean when I say that plain wood dresser did not fit in with the current aesthetic but I'm loving the look now. I have some other projects and things I want to do in this space but it will all happen in due time! I hope you guys love it and it inspires you to elevate your own piece of Ikea furniture. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below, shoot me a DM on Instagram or leave a comment on tonights Instagram post. I'll be leaving links to everything I used below!



Dresser: Ikea Tarva Dresser

Overlay - Danika kit from O'verlay

Knobs - Amazon

Paint - Glidden "Gray Marble"

Glue - E6000 Industrial Strength

Paint Roller - Walmart

Blue Painters Tape - Walmart

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