Workout Wednesday: Leg Day

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

TOP: Agaci (similar here & here) // PANTS: Amazon // SPORTS BRA: Walmart // SHOES: Nike
HAT: Walmart // EARRINGS: Express 

Happy Hump day!
I have been getting a lot of questions, more in my daily life rather than online about what I actually do when I go the gym. If you don't go to the gym often, if at all, it can be daunting when you think you about even working out. All the thoughts of, "What machines do I use?" or even "How does that machine even work?" comes across your mind, then you talk yourself out of even going. The first step is just pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and just going. You making that first step and stepping foot into a gym is a victory in itself. So we've gotten ourselves to the gym, now what the heck do we even do?! I've listed below a quick leg workout that incorporates machines as well as just a regular mat and weights. Most of these you can do in the comfort of your home if you can't make it to a gym and still want that great workout. These are my go-to moves and ones where I feel the burn and can see a difference in my composition.

Leg Workouts:

*Side leg raise: 3 sets / 15 reps
*Stiff legged barbell deadlift: 3 sets / 10 reps
*Jumping squats: 3 sets / 15 reps
*Dumbbell squats: 3 sets / 10 reps
*Donkey kicks: 3 sets / 10 reps
*Mountain climbers: 3 sets / 50 reps (25 per side)
*Weighted step ups: 3 sets / 20 reps (10 per side)
*Wall sit: 2 sets / 60 seconds each
*Seated leg curls: 3 sets / 10 reps [machine] (at your own weight level)
*Abduction machine: 3 sets / 10 reps [machine] (at your own weight level)
*Burpees: 3 sets / 10 reps

I hope these help you in your fitness journey. These are all the moves I mix and match each time I have a leg workout and has helped me see progress. I've mentioned these leggings before but these are seriously the best!! The 90 degree by Reflex leggings are so comfortable and pass the squat test!! They're currently doing an amazon sale on select items for 60% off!! You can shop the sale here and get 60% with the code "60OFFREFLEX". I took full advantage and order 5 pairs for under $40! 


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