June Favorites 2018

Friday, June 29, 2018
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Happy Friday!!
I can't believe that June is about to be over and we'll be in July....so crazy!! Time really is flying by. I have shared lots of things over the month of June whether it was here on my blog or on my Instagram and Insta-stories. I thought I would start doing a recap where I share everything I've been loving over the course of the month. Today will be my first post so we'll start with June!
1. 90 degree by Reflex Leggings
I shared these leggings on my Insta-stories and on the blog here. These seriously are the best leggings I've ever worn; I've gotten all of my friends hooked on these. I even got my chiropractor a pair and she loved them!! If you don't get anything else, get these!! I now own three pairs and will be getting more!

This is hands down my favorite place to shop at the moment. Everything they come out with is super cute and totally my style. They constantly have 20% off all items and have such trendy and fun pieces. You need to check out their clothing, you won't be disappointed. You can check out some of my favorite pieces from Vici Collection below:

Mascaras are one of the things I'm the pickiest with in my makeup routine. I love long, full and bold lashes and this mascara does that for me! This is the only mascara I've used all month and for the past 2 months! I've gotten some of my friends using this because it's that good!

I got this in one of my Ipsy bags and didn't really think anything of it. I decided to try it one night after doing my normal skin care routine and was pleasantly surprised the next morning. My face felt so hydrated and felt so smooth. I continuously used this and loved the results. My skin appeared brighter and overall softer. This is a little pricey but worth trying. You can check out my regular skin care routine here!

5. Zumba
I love working out and I've been able to incorporate it more into my daily routine. I go to the gym 6 days out of the week where I have days where I workout twice. I like to find different workouts that keeps my body guessing and that I enjoy. Zumba has been one of my go-to workouts during the week. I have the best Zumba instructor, Izzy, she makes the class so much fun and keeps you constantly laughing. She is literally the reason that I joined my gym just after trying out her class! If you can try a class at your local gym, give it a try!

I love listening to music! During my long work days I constantly keep my earbuds in and jam out to some of my favorite tunes. I've made a playlist of the songs that I've been loving all June!

I've been cutting back on my sweets and this has been helping me! I LOVE Blue-bell ice-cream but it has so much sugar; this has way less sugar and tastes just as good. My favorite flavor is chocolate chip cookie dough and cookies n'creme. 
I've upped my water intake to about 120 oz. a day! Staying hydrated is super important so while it's good for you it can get boring. I like these drink mixes because I get to change up the taste of my water and they only have 5 calories. Currently my favorite this month has been the strawberry lemonade, I've even gotten my niece hooked on these!

I LOVE a blinding hightlight and this gives me that glow! This is so affordable and I've gotten lots of compliments on this. I've used this to highlight my collarbone and shoulders. It provides such a pretty glow and has been the only highlighter I've reached for.
 These have been my go-to shoes all month! These go with everything and are so easy to slide on and go. I wear these to work all the time and especially when I'm running out the house to run a quick errand. These come in black and white and are almost sold out. 

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