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Friday, May 18, 2018

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It's Friday!!
I got to get off work 4 hours early today which had me leaving at could say I'm pretty excited to start my weekend early! I'm also pretty positive Theo is excited to have my home early, he went crazy when I walked in the house! Truly the best feeling and greeting coming home! :)

If you're like me, you have gradually become more of an online shopper more than anything. Yes, going to the stores are fun but with my busy schedule during the week I tend to not want to spend my time going to the mall...(let's not forget I stopped working in the mall this past January..slightly scarred! LOL). I have been shopping more and more on Amazon of all places. I've been able to find some really great pieces ranging from clothing to pre-workout. I've been sharing things on Insta-stories and have gotten a few DM's so I thought I would make an entire post where you can get all those things.

1. White Vanity
I use to sit on the floor everyday and get ready. I really wanted a space where I could sit and get ready and also house most of my makeup. I was working with very limited space and needed to find something small enough. This fit all of my needs and more. It's the perfect size and even comes with a small stool. I plan on changing it out but for now it fits my needs.

2. Stringed Mirror Lights
If you're looking for a great set of lights then these are them! These have adhesives on the back so you can stick them wherever you need them. I stuck mine around my vanity mirror. The light is super bright and you have the ability to even dim the lights!

3. Xtend GO
If you've noticed, over the past few months I have kicked my fitness into overdrive. I've started implementing intermittent fasting into my routine (post coming on that soon!) With that I needed something to give me energy while pushing through my workouts on an empty stomach. These BCAAs (branch chained amino acids) help give that extra boost to power through my workout and feel great.

4. Meal Prep Containers
Meal prepping helps keep me on track during the week. I never have to worry about cooking a meal or worrying about falling off my health journey. These hold the right amount of food and easily stack in the fridge so it doesn't take up a bunch of room.

5. Velvet Hangers
I switched over to Velvet hangers towards the end of last year for two reasons: One, to get rid of all my bulky plastic hangers and two, the overall look. These help keep tops on the hanger and allows me to fit more in my closet. I use these clips here to hang my shorts and skirts.

6. Makeup Mirror
I got so many questions on this makeup mirror. This is great for the price point and I love how it lights up! I've done 2 giveaways with this mirror and I'm glad everyone who won is enjoying it.

7. Scale
Random item to add but if you're looking for a scale that's not going to cost you an arm and a leg that is really good quality, get this one! It's made out of glass and heavy duty!

8. Glamourous Wash Detergent
This is one that has been floating around for a while and I never understood the hype until I purchased it for myself. This smell SO good!! I use it for my sheets only since it is super pricey for the amount you get but you won't be disappointed.

9. Workout Leggings
I shared these on my Insta-stories Wednesday and told you all I would let you know where I got them. Well believe it or not, I got these from Amazon!! These have been compared to lululemon leggings without the price! These are some of the softest leggings I've ever worn! These fit like a glove, don't constantly fall down and pass the squat test. I'm definitely ordering more of these!

What are some of your favorite Amazon purchases? Share them in my latest Instagram post!


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