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Friday, April 14, 2017

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Anyone who knows me really well knows who my friends are, especially who my best friend is, Molly. She's the Christina to my Meredith, my road-trip buddy....she's pretty much like a sister let's be real. In our 6 year friendship I've met quite a bit of new people thru her. People from all walks of life who are really ambitious, hardworking and also really funny. This past weekend I got the chance to meet another new person who is nicknamed "Boogie." He's a track athlete who is pretty much the little brother of Molly's little school family. Boogie including Molly, Tamilia, JD and Kev are quite the interesting group. They're all so different and their friendship dynamic is hilarious but that's what makes them such unique and great friends. If you didn't know them personally you'd think they had been friends for years. 

L-R: Boogie // Kev // Molly // Tamilia // JD

This past weekend we went to Auburn, AL to support Molly's school athletes as well as her friend Boogie compete. I had never attended a track meet before in my life so this was a new experience for me. I will say that if you ever attend a meet, be prepared, almost everyone is in GREAT shape so it really makes you wanna hit the gym right after!! lol. Getting the chance to watch some of Molly's students compete was really cool especially with hearing about all that they do to train and prepare for these meets. I will say, I do wish I had given my adolescent self the chance to train for track when offered, but since that's long gone, I'll just sit on the sidelines and cheer everyone else on. lol. After a long day in the sun I was wiped out and had never gotten in my bed as fast as I did that night. This was just another memory I get to add to my list and look back on.

Happy Friday!

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