My Favorite Amazon Purchases of 2020

Monday, January 11, 2021


I'm honestly stunned how we've already made it to 2021. 2020 was the LONGEST but SHORTEST year but we made it out on the other side guys. If you didn't know already, I love me some Amazon. If there's anything I'm looking for, Amazon is the place I go first. 2020 I really honed in on my love for all he hidden treasures but wanted to narrow it down and share my top favorite purchases off Amazon from 2020!

1. MDesign Microfiber Sheet Set

I originally worked with MDesign and was sent these sheets to review almost a year ago and I have loved them ever since then. When I was getting ready to move in to my apartment, I wanted to get a fresh set for my new place. Honestly my favorite sheets and I only switch between these two sets each time I do  laundry and have to change my sheets. 

2. Clear Acrylic Makeup 

I wanted something to be able to store all of my makeup brushes that looked aesthetically pleasing but also wouldn't break the bank. I found these and immediately ordered two. They really hold a lot of brushes but could also easy hold lip or eye products!

3. Earring Organizer

This is also something I purchased before I moved but had a better home once I moved in to my apartment. I have quite a bit of jewelry and it was just all laying in containers and I really couldn't see all that I had. I wanted something that would hold a substantial amount but also looked cute. This one was just what I needed and looks great sitting on my dresser. If you've seen my Instagram stories or photos, you might've seen this in the background!

4. Green Runner Rug

If you're noticing a theme, most of these items were apartment purchases but ya girl needed stuff for her new place. I wanted to do a different color than I have before and decided to go with more greens and golds for my bathroom. I didn't want the standard two mats for the bathroom but thought a runner would look better. I found these one for only $18, the price has gone up but the quality is great. I love the color and it is on prime so I got it super quick.

5. Space Saving Skirt Hanger

Before I moved my closet was a decent size but still not big enough to hold all of my clothes. I made the switch to velvet hangers with the skirt clips but it was still a little bulky so I wanted to find a better way to store midi skirts that would free up some space. I found these and love them; they come with a pack of three and honestly I would probably purchase more for my other mini skirts. These are a GREAT space saver!

6. Time Marked Water Bottle

I honestly got this water bottle because I wanted to increase my water intake and wanted something that would help me do and that looked cute. I saw people with ones from a different brand all over Instagram but I knew I could find one on Amazon. I use this one still and use it to keep me on track!

7. Dark Oak/White Nightstand

Ok, another apartment purchase but this was such a good find. I looked at so many online and y'all nightstands are expensive! I knew I wanted something that was simple but would compliment my bed I had already purchased. I wanted my room to look clean and not like an adult lived in it (LOL).  I randomly found these and snatched them up so quick. When I purchased them they were $50 and such a good buy. Super easy to put together and holds quite a bit of stuff. I love how they look in my room. 

8. Beakey Makeup Sponges

These were such a hot commodity on Instagram in 2020. If you haven't tried them, go order yourself some now! With almost 43K reviews, these makeup sponges are honestly the new beauty blender. I love how much they fluff up when you wet them and they really do apply your makeup well. I have already added this to my cart because I have one sponge left in my bag. 

9.  3Pack 10-ft iPhone Charging Cord

I feel like a 10-ft long chord is something that everyone needs. Lol. When I moved in to my apartment we noticed that we had USB ports in outlets which was such a neat thing since I had only seen it online, never in person. I picked up this pack right before I moved so I could have one at my nightstand, one for our kitchen island and an extra. These come in handy all the time and I use them everyday. 

Those are my favorite purchases of 2020. I'm working on collecting all of my amazon purchases and finds on to my storefront for you guys for ease of shopping. I hope you found something you might want to *add to cart* and kick off your 2021 Amazon purchases. If you've tried any of these items, let me in the comments below.



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