9 Tips on to How to Work From Home Efficiently

Monday, March 16, 2020

With the rapid spread of Covid-19 a.k.a the Corona virus, this has more people confused and wondering what's next with all the information that is funneling through every news outlet and social media platform. Everyone has children out of school for weeks, cancelled school functions, sports programs, concerts....a lot is changing. The crazy havoc that's run through all the grocery stores with people stockpiling all the hand sanitizer, toilet paper and regular household items is insane! Since the rise in Covid-19 more people are forced to work from home and attempt a normal workday from the comforts of their own home. I finally got the ok from my job that everyone, company wide will be working from home so I thought I would put together some of my tips on how to work from home effectively. Working from home is not always ideal given all of the distractions, the non-office setting and it just plain throwing off your routine but I do think there are things that you can to attempt to get the same amount of work done and be super productive. These are my tips on how to "Work from Home Effectively!" 

1. Wake up for "work" at the same time as if you're going in to the office.
- Waking up at your normal work time gets your day started just like you would if you were in the office! This triggers your mind to start your morning like you're use to everyday and start getting ready for your day! Even getting dressed like you're going to work also helps. Now I'm not saying that you need to sit at the dining room table in a suit but putting on regular clothes will help you feel more productive and keep you in that regular morning routine. 

2. Maintain Regular work hours.
I honestly think this is one of the most important factors when it comes to working from home. Maintaining your regular work hours helps you stay on track and get more work done. Start work right on time and end right when you normally do. 

3. Schedule Breaks.
Make sure to take breaks. There's a reason most jobs have built in paid breaks throughout the day. My job has two 15-minute breaks built in; most people take one around 10 and other around 2:30-3. This gives you small mental breaks throughout the day and you'll feel refreshed and ready to get back to work!

4. Set Rules for the people around you.
Now if you have small children or children in general that are home this is way harder for you because kids are needy and 9 times out 10, they're going to ask you a ton of questions. Try to make it known that you're trying to get work done, if they could limit the amount of questions they're asking you so you're more productive and less distracted.

5. Know your WFH weaknesses.
Make sure you know what things cause you to get easily distracted. It's a whole different ball game when you're working from home and not in a normal office setting. One of the biggest distractions is your tv; whether it be a regular tv or Netflix, this can cause you to stop paying attention to your work and get more entranced in to the tv. 

6. Make sure you have a designated work space.
Having a designated work space is super important: It can be sitting at the dining room table, like I will be tomorrow, or sitting in your home office. Make sure you have a space and that you have everything set up and working to aid in your success. When I first came home with my work equipment, I set everything up and made sure it worked so I wasn't fumbling with anything tomorrow morning when I should already be working. Alleviate that stress and set it up now!

7. Stay connected to co-workers.
A key part in working in an office is having those office relationships with people. You find people you click with and they become your work friends and make the day go by quicker. Try to stay connected online and have those small conversations through Skype or a quick text to see how their work day is going. People typically crave human interaction and being alone for an extended amount of time can cause intense cabin fever so make sure you're staying connected.

8. End your day with a routine
Just like you started your work day with a routine maintain and follow through with your routine that you do at the end of every work day. It makes you feel like you're wrapping up the workday to go home but you're already home and can shut down your computer and enjoy the rest of your evening with your family.

9. Be Positive
Working from home is not for everyone and that's ok but having a positive attitude about the situation can make it an enjoyable one. I keep thinking of all the gas money I'm saving, how I'll get to sleep in till 6 a.m versus 4:15 a.m and how I'll get to spend more time with my dog Theo during the day. Looking at all the positives and not letting all the negative thoughts cloud your mind will allow you feel more accomplished and ready to kick your WFH day in the butt!

These are my nine tips for working from home. I'll be working from home for the next two weeks possibly and I'm honestly really excited for it. I'm anxious to see how much more work I'll be able to get done and what will be a true distraction for me. If you're working from home this week I would love to know what you're doing to maintain your regular work week in a makeshift office setting.

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