Plunging Palm Print Maxi Dress

Thursday, July 18, 2019

I shared this dress with you guys a few weeks ago and I'd never gotten so many DM's about an outfit before than I did this one. If you've been following me I ALWAYS talk about palm print and it just has become my thing over the years. I love how tropical it makes me feel and I honestly just love the way there are different variations of it. This palm print dress is honestly way better than I thought it was going to be; I love how flowy it is and I love the neckline. I'm not super big on things that are low cut but this is just enough. I always get asked how I find so many things in this print and I've just come to know where to find it and where it will be affordable. These are the places where I'm able to fulfill my love all things palm print as well as places that are super affordable and can work for anyones budget:

These are my main sources for all things palm print!! You can find all my other blog posts with different variations of my favorite print. I've linked everything above for you if you're interested!


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