Goodnight Macaroon: Zimmerman Dupe

Monday, July 8, 2019

Happy Monday!!!
Today is the first day at my new job and if I didn't say I was a bit nervous would be a lie. Starting a new job can always be a little nerve racking but I'm also excited for this new chapter. Any and all prayers and good vibes are definitely appreciated! 

Today I wanted to bring you something that I think is one of my best designer dupe finds to date. I'm a big fan of Alex Garza on youtube and have been following her going on four years...yea I'm that invested! lol I love her fashion sense and typically love everything she wears. Well she shared a post of her wearing the most gorgeous blue romper I had seen and I was like, ya girl has got to have that. Well I did my research and you would never believe how much that thing cost.....$530!!! You can imagine the jaw drop moment I had when I saw that price tag. Now don't get me wrong I'm all for buying things you love but I find that completely outrageous for ONE piece of clothing. The brand is Zimmerman and they are known to have really pricey clothing. I was on the hunt for something similar to what she had on but hadn't had any luck. It wasn't until I saw Moriah from "Shesthatgirlguide" wearing a literal dupe for that Zimmerman romper and way more affordable. 

This romper is from Goodnight Macaroon and it is perfect in every way, shape and form. I LOVE the color and am in love with the fit of this. I will say that Goodnight Macaroon is known to fit a little small in some of it's clothing so I sized up to a large and this fit me perfectly. The neckline is a little low but with the right bra you will be fine. This zips right up the back and the buttons on the front are functional. If you're looking for a great event romper, definitely pick this one up. This is currently marked down to $60 and is an additional 40% off with code "JULY40" making it only $36; you can't beat that deal. I will tell you this, shipping takes quite a while if you do the regular shipping which is what I did. I would highly recommend spending the extra money for expedited shipping but if you're okay with waiting then totally wait it out. I paired this romper with my favorite heels of all time because of how versatile they are and some simple studs. I will be sure to link my lip color since this has been asked a few times as well!


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