It's My Birthday: 26 Things I've learned!

Thursday, October 12, 2017

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Today is my 26th birthday!! It sounds much older when I say it out loud. I am so thankful and so blessed to be able to see the age of 26 and learn a lot of life lessons in the progress. I just want to say thank you to everyone who has wished me a happy birthday. One of the best presents I've been given is your support with my blog; every post you read and every comment on different post is much appreciated. Today I thought it would be fun to share 26 things I've learned throughout my life. Here we go...

1. Is it totally ok to say no. If you wanna stay home and watch reruns of Law & Order SVU in bed with your dog, that's totally ok.

2. Queso is a food group! Don't let anyone tell you it's not. You don't need that kind of negativity in your life. 

3. Don't wait to do something until you think you're ready. You'll never get around to doing it if you do.

4. It's ok to call your mom when you need help.

5. 99% of the time your mom will have been right about certain friends and decisions in your life.

6. True friends will support you in all aspects of life and will constantly be cheering you on from the sidelines.

7. You can TOTALLY wear white after Labor Day.....hello, Winter white!

8. A good brow product and good mascara goes a long way.

9. Getting a dog is one of the best things EVER!! ­čÉÂ

10. It's ok to cry every once and a while. Once you let it out, you'll feel much better.

11. True friends will make your friendship last no matter the distance between you.

12. Shopping is exercise....kinda. Lol

13. You WILL miss all of those long rehearsal days from College....believe it or not.

14. Do it for the gram! (Instagram my older folks)

15. Travel while you can; you won't regret any of it!

16. Get out of your comfort zone; you're never going to grow as a person unless you push yourself.

17. You're going to hear so many NO's before you get a YES.

18. Change is inevitable. Take it one day at a time.

19. God can always hear you; always tell him your struggles and give it all to him.

20. Don't be afraid to use your talents in fear of being judged.

21. Brunch = YES!

22. Life happens the way it's supposed to. We don't always understand why in certain moments but we always come out stronger on the other side.

23. Never turn down a good deal. You'll regret it when you go back to get it and it's gone. You can always return it.

24. Let go of the people God is trying to take out your life, he's only doing you a favor.

25. Everyone will think you're younger than you really are, appreciate that; it will work out in your favor as you continue to get older.

26. NEVER stop working on your relationship with God!

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