Maxin out Wednesday!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

PURSE: Target // SHOES: Target
MAXI DRESSES I LIKE: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

Happy Wednesday Friends!
This morning was such a struggle to get out of bed. I feel like everyday it's getting harder and harder to leave my warm comfortable bed to go to work. Am I alone? Lol. Today I wanted to share this super cute but also comfortable paisley print maxi dress from Jules & James Boutique. I've shared clothes from them before (here, here & here) and have continued to purchased more clothes. I got my sister hooked on their boutique and I'm pretty sure at this point she owns more clothes from them than I do. If you've never shopped with them they have a base store that is located in Carrollton, GA. The inside is so cute, I'll have to go and take some pics for you guys who don't live near here, to show just how adorable the inside really is. If you don't live in the area fret not, they have a Facebook group online where you can shop and pick up new items. They do ship out orders so if you don't live in the state you can still get your hands on these cute clothes! They have the comment/sold method so if you've never shopped with them before you can sign up so whenever a new arrival hits and you want to purchase, you can just comment sold with the color of the item you want and it will appear in your cart. You can also do this thru their Instagram as well. I follow both accounts so I can stay on top on all the new clothes! They have so many cute and trendy clothes are such affordable prices that everyone is bound to find something they like! The owner Alison Grooms is very active on the Facebook group and their Instagram; that really shows you her dedication to her business and how awesome she is! My exact dress is sold out but I've linked some maxi dresses I think are super cute!

514 Dixie Street, Carrollton GA

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