Happy Birthday Little!

Monday, September 11, 2017

Happy Monday!!
I hope everyone is staying safe if they're in the path of hurricane Irma. I know in my area all of the schools have closed and a lot of businesses have taken precautions. Praying for the safety for everyone!

On a positive note, today is a very special day...it's my little's birthday! If you don't know what a little is, a Little is a little sister you get in your sorority and you're known as her Big...big sister. This is one of the best parts of being in a sorority. I knew from her bid day I was going to be her Big and I made sure I made it happen! Lol. If you were to ask any of my close friends, they knew I was obsessed and made sure to drop hints so everyone knew to stay away! Lol.....extreme maybe....but oh well! Today is her day and I wanted to show you guys some of the fun memories along the way and I had to dig in the archives for a few of these...peep the picture quality! Lol 

Reanna, I hope you have the best birthday even though hurricane Irma is literally raining on your parade. I'm so thankful for Sigma Kappa bringing us together and how close we've remained. Thank you for your friendship, random snapchats from work and gym at 5:30 am..(good for you, I'm still sleeping), weird facial expressions and support for all the endeavors I venture into. I hope you get to eat all the junk food you want since you're stuck inside and this next year of life is all you want it to be! I love you to the moon and back! Happy Birthday Little! ­čÄł


  1. Thank you Chaneya!! I'm very glad and extremely thankful to have you in my life!! Thank you for all the birthday wishes and the stroll down memory lane!