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Monday, May 1, 2017

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As school starts coming to an end, we come upon the dreaded FINALS WEEK!! The time where you lose the most sleep, you try to cram a semesters worth of information into your brain for one test by pulling all-nighters and funneling coffee to keep you awake and you finally see what the inside of the library looks like...."We have study nooks?!" Finals week is the most dreaded time for every college student along with midterms. You forget to properly nourish yourself along with forgetting to take a minute to breath without notes and flash cards shoved in front of your face. I've been guilty of this but with my time in college coming to an end I've realized that my mental sanity is so important. I must take at least 30 minutes a day and do something that doesn't require me to think; anything that is fun, gets me moving and allows me to release my stress. 
The one thing I've been doing recently is just going for a walk or just sitting outside. I'm not much of an outside person but going outside and getting some vitamin D really makes me feel better. It makes me remove myself from the environment where I've been held up studying (inside) and forcing me to get up, stretch and get my body active. Some other things you might want to try are:

Get time away and be alone!
Chances are you're at school studying so you're going to be surrounded by other students who are stressed out as much as you, if not more! Remove yourself from campus and be alone just for a small amount of time. You'll find yourself able to relax and feel more at ease.

Get more sleep!!
I know, I know this is easier said than done. Your body needs sleep! Pulling all-nighters might seem like the best idea but it's that time during sleep that your body stores that information. Plus lack of sleep makes it harder for you to focus, maintain energy and remember information. Catch those Z's

I know social media is at the fore front of our minds. You want to stay up to date on everyone's news and what new picture someone posted. All of this is a DISTRACTION! Not seeing or worrying about what everyone is posting will help you focus more on what you're studying. You have to fully pay attention to the material that you're studying!!

Don't abuse caffeine!!
The amount of students whose coffee intake triples. I found this article about how so much caffeine can harm you!! Instead of using caffeine try Advocare Spark! It increases your energy and your ability to focus all with using vitamins. So skip 5-hour energy drinks and Monsters and try Spark!

There are countless ways to held reduce your stress, it's just all about finding what works best for you! So try not to stress, plan ahead and good luck during your finals!

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