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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Anyone who knows me knows I have a LOVE for shoes! Just ask my mom, she says I have enough but that's not true! (lol). Boots, sandals, heels...I love them all! There are so many brands and types of shoes out there and as you go along the prices progressively get higher. I don't know about you but I love a good deal! The same excitement everyone got about the Atlanta Falcons going to the Superbowl this year, is the same excitement I get when I see a cute pair of shoes on sale! 

I've gotten pretty good at finding dupes for a lot of higher end clothing and makeup so today I thought I'd share my shoe dupes! All of these looks for less, I personally own (given one pair I have the "higher end" version) so I can attest to the quality of the shoes. If you're looking for a great shoe without breaking the bank, I found some great options!

1. Express vs. 2. Just Fab
I work at Express so I constantly get to see what new items are coming in the store. These red shoes were a must have as soon as I saw them. They're really comfortable and adds a pop of color to any outfit. I LOVE Just Fab. You can get almost every pair of shoes for $39.95 including free shipping. I was perusing through the website and stumbled upon these lookalikes. I was pleasantly surprised at how similar they look in color and style and for this price you can't beat it! These would be great Valentines Day coming up!

This shoe dupe completely caught me by surprise. I was with my mom at the mall one day (this is a rare occurrence seeing as how she's not a big fan of the mall lol) walking through Macy's and stumbled upon this gorgeous shoe. A black strappy heel is always classic so I was instantly drawn to them. I saw the price tag and although it wasn't too bad I decided to pass on buying them. A few months later I was online shopping on Charlotte Russe' website and saw almost the exact same shoe but for a fraction of the cost. I own them in gray and always get many compliments on them. They're almost identical to where you almost can't even tell!

5. L.L. Bean vs. 6. Target
At most college campuses in the South Bean boots (or duck boots) are a hot commodity. As soon as the temperature drops below 50 degrees out breaks the beans. They're great for snow (in our case, ice) or whenever it rains. At the University of West Georgia it semi floods on campus whenever it rains so these are a nice edition to your closet. Bean boots are quite pricey so I found an alternative. I searched on different sites and much to my surprise Target had similar if not identical matches to the LL Bean brand duck boot. They're a lot more affordable and give off the same style. They're really comfortable and they keep your feet warm and dry.

I love Jeffrey Campbell shoes!! I'm still on the hunt for the Jeffrey Campbell Puffer Sandals from a few seasons ago! This style of show was a huge trend summer 2016. That being said, a lot of companies were making this style of shoe but at a cost. I needed shoes for the Drake Concert and knew this was the style that I wanted. Once again, Charlotte Russe came to the rescue. On Tuesdays they usually have a huge deal with their shoes, so this particular Tuesday all their shoes were $20 or under. I picked up these lookalikes for much cheaper than the higher end bran version. They're super comfortable and you definitely won't be dropping some serious coins on this pair!

I hope these gave you some options for these pricier versions of shoes! Be on the look out; I have a post coming up soon on some really cute clothing dupes! ;)

♡ Chaneya

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