Valentines Day: At home Ideas

Wednesday, February 3, 2021


Valentine's Day is right around the corner and I don't know about you guys but I haven't even really thought about what I would be doing for it. It's not a holiday that I get overly excited about, never have, but I am celebrating with the guy. We're still in a pandemic so I thought I would share some ideas for date night ideas at home. I am definitely a homebody so staying in is my forte but since most aren't going out this year, see if this list helps you think a little outside the box.

Plan an Indoor Picnic

This is one that can be done for any date night year round but you could always theme the foods around Valentine's Day. Lay out all the fuzzy blankets, play nature sounds or music and enjoy some great food. I would order takeout but you could also cook a good meal together.

At Home Spa

One of my favorite things is massages; I love going to the spa and this would be perfect for Valentine's Day. Grab some great smelling candles, some massage oils and maybe a face mask or two (men can do face masks too!) it will make for the most relaxing evening.

Plan a Game Night

I AM COMPETITIVE! LOL! For someone who never played any sports, I really hate losing. I look a good game of monopoly or cards so break out the old school game boards and challenge your partner and see who wins. If you're planning a Galentine's evening, you have more options of multiplayer games.

Breakfast in bed

I know, I know...this is such a cliche thing to say but how often do you actually receive breakfast in bed? Yea, I thought so. Make your significant other their favorite scramble or some mini waffles and maybe add in a little mimosa!

Play some video games

Most women that I know say the man in their life plays video games. I don't really understand the love even though I play a mean game of Mario Kart, this would make for a fun Valentine's date idea. Try playing their favorite video game and dive more in to their interests. 

 I hope some of these gave you a few ideas if you're planning on staying in this Valentine's Day. I'll keep you guys updated on what I plan on doing over on my Instagram. Until next time loves!



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