Top Ten Favorite Summer Items I'm Wearing

Thursday, July 16, 2020

Happy Friday guys!

I'm back with another blog post after a few weeks off. I was thinking this past weekend how I used to share so many posts over here and I've really been slacking. I think I honestly got in to a rut of what I thought I "should be" sharing versus what I truly wanted to post like before. I am making it my goal to stick to posting over here twice a week and getting out the kind of content I love with you guys!

After my little hiatus, I thought the perfect blog post would be a top ten list of items I'm loving this Summer. If you follow me on instagram you'll notice I rotate some of the same pieces over and over again and that's how you truly know I love something. In my everyday life, I reach for these same pieces regardless of if I'm getting dressed to run an errand or if I'm styling things for Instagram and the Blog. Here is a list of my top ten items for this Summer:

You guys...when I say I love these shorts, I LOVE these shorts! These have become THE shorts of the Spring and Summer and almost everyone I know has a pair. These come in the regular denim color and white, I own both, and love the fit of them. I like that the back of the shorts fall a little longer so you don't have to worry about your bottom hanging out, plus they're only $15!! Yep, you read that right, $15! I bought mine in a size 6 and find these to fit the best. 

These are named THE Summer sandal and they definitely live up to their name. Everywhere you look people have these shoes and I caved and bought them. I got the clear version and love how they look on the foot. I've worn them with dresses, shorts and they always look great. I definitely think these are worth they price and worth the hype!

These were also a super popular shoe this Spring and Summer including last Summer. I love the rhinestone detail and how I can wear these with almost any outfit. I grabbed mine on sale from Amazon as these are normally $100; keep an eye out because these are always getting marked down there!

Sunglasses for me finish off a look and make me feel cooler than I actually am...I'm for real, I'm not that cool. But throw on a pair of great sunglasses and it instantly elevates an outfit. I've LOVED wearing these and am obsessed with how they look on. 

Take one scan through my Instagram and you'll notice that 9 times out of 10 I'm wearing some variation of gold hoops but my go to are the ones from Target. I love how they're thicker and not super big but amps up my outfits. I'm someone who ALWAYS has to wear earrings and these are my go to!

I've been loving the multi-necklace trend: I think it makes you look more dressed up and put together while wearing the most casual outfit. This chain link one is the one I always grab to throw up and I always get compliments on it.

If there's one thing I love about Express, aside from their denim, is their bodysuits. They have so many different ones that cater to so many different body types that they're some of my favorite to wear. 

You can't go wrong with a Basic tee and they're the easiest thing to throw on without having to really think about it. I love these from Target because they're super soft and super affordable!

Ok, rompers are not the most practical thing to wear when you know you're going out and it's going to be difficult going to the bathroom (hello stripping down to your skivvies and nothing else...yikes!) but they're just so darn cute. I'm obsessed with this one from Express that I even just ordered it in Black. The fit is so good and I love the puffy sleeves.

I know, I know....enough with tie-dye but I really like it! I like certain color combos and I gravitate to the pastel tie-dye and the pieces that remind me of cotton candy. I have this tee that I really like but love the different variations in all of the retailers.

So there you have it! These are the top ten most worn things in my closet right now and the things I continuously gravitate towards. I'm super curious, what is something you always pull to wear no matter how many clothes are in your closet? Let me know in todays Instagram post or let me know in the comments below!


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