My Favorite Organizational pieces by MDesign

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

I feel like this Quarantine either has you in one of two moods: You're either ready to go everything done and organize your life away while completing all those home projects you've been putting off or you're just taking the time to slow down, relax and just chill. I've mostly been in the slow down, chill mode but I've pivoted and am wanting to reorganize everything, get rid of everything I don't want or need and am looking in to how to redecorate different things that could use a little facelift. One of the things that is at the top of my list is definitely reorganizing; I feel like this is an ongoing issue but I think if I really get everything organized I'll feel more calm and less stressed. Having a clean and organized space really puts me in a much better headspace and allows me to feel more calm and less anxious as everything isn't chaotic. I've shared MDesign before but they are hands down my FAVORITE company for anything centered around organization. From your pantry, to your closet, even bedding, they do not disappoint. I've done a pantry organization post with them that you can find here for inspiration. I figured I would share all of my favorite home organizational pieces if you're feeling in that mood and wanting to reorganize your home. I'm not one to share things that I don't support or believe, or better yet haven't use myself; this company truly is amazing and I love following along on their Instagram for all of their kitchen fridge and pantry makeovers using all of their pieces. You can find all of my favorite items linked below as well as in the app where I always share everything for you guys!


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